Music Thursday Has Come Again

in classical-music •  3 months ago 

Music Thursday seems to arrive quicker every week.
This week's #musicthursday music video features big cats. The music itself is relaxing or maybe it's calming music, sometimes it's difficult to choose where the music fits into the relaxing music genre. When the music is put into the streaming channels the choice of genre is very limited. I feel sure that half of the music tracks are in the wrong genre.

The instrument sounds are:


So plenty to listen to. Jackie as always composed and recorded the music.

The reason I chose large cats for the video was that they are generally free and able to do as they like. I see freedom in the music so thought about what else is free in today's world. All I could think of was fish and wild animals. Everything else is controlled including us humans.

Let me know if you enjoy the music.

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