Song of the day: "Manteca"by Dizzy Gillespie, Chano Pozo, Gil Fuller, and my favourite versions (En)

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It would not be fair to share my favorite versions of this jazz classic without first showing a version of Dizzy Gillespie himself with the Francy Boland Band at a concert on November 4 in Denmark.

Well here's my first favorite: D

The first recording of the work, however, was in 1947, together with Dizzy's own big band with Cuban percussionist and co-author Chano Pozo, and his first performance in the same year at Carnagie Hall.

Since then the music has been recorded by several groups, among them, one of my personal preference is that of Arturo Sandoval with the WDR Big Band Köln, recorded on the album "Mambo Nights" in 2009 according to the discogs portal.

Another one that caught my attention positively was a version of Quicy Jones recorded on the 1973 album" You've Got It Bad Girl" where we have long improvisational sections.

And do you have a favorite? Comment below!

Hope you like it
A big hug
Guilherme Faquetti

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