Intellectual Production! About my first published arrangement!

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In the middle of last year, I had the impulse to write some arrangements of works that I hear and admire, do not involve the instrument that I play, the classical guitar, and that however would sound very well when inserted in the universe of chamber music.

When I thought about a repertoire that could fulfill these requirements, and that could still use my knowledge about the compositional aesthetics of certain authors to do a quality work, the first composert that came to mind was the Brazilian Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934).

Although I am not a pianist, I already had the practical experience of his music through the transcriptions for classical guitar, and through the ensembles of Brazilian Instrumental Music, so I already had a previous contact with the creative aesthetic processes of the composer's work.

The waltz “Confidencias” published in 1913 by the publishing “Casa Arhur Napoleão” in Rio de Janeiro, was the first piece where I worked. The form is an “ABACC’ (cadence) A ”, the choice of instrumentation (Cello and Classical Guitar) was part technical and part empirical.

Empirical in what I personally consider as a possibility to sound good for Ernesto's music. Technique in relation to the creative possibilities of the mix of timbres, and the possibilities of working with the texture that both instruments provides.


The first part (A) I chose the cello as a soloist, the second (B) the guitar, the third (C), and the variation of the third (C ') the cello in dialogue with the guitar, and the cadence, starting with the cello and ending with a dubbing of both instruments playing the melody simultaneously.

The edition of “Casa Athur Napoleão” was also used to support what would be the accompaniment line of the arrangement. It is not a faithful copy of the left hand of the piano, in some moments yes, but not all. The idea is to use the rhythmic division to reinforce the harmonic contrast between the sections of the form in line with the composer's writing style.

Today the score of this artistic recreation is published in "sheet music plus" and available for sale. The sound result of this pre-production can also be seen in the following link.


With wishes to someday play some of these arrangements.

Hope you enjoy =D

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