Leck mich im Arsch - Mozart (literally "Lick me in the arse")


▶ Listen here ◀

Apologies for the title, but that's the literal translation of this work by Mozart. He was a prankster and if you've ever watched the 1984 film, Amadeus, it's quite hilarious (maybe only to classically inclined people?). The original score is for six voices as a three part canon, but here I'm just playing it once through, on organ.

There was some drama over at Contrebombarde concert hall a few days ago. A long story short, an 'influential' member thought it was appropriate to publicly shame @organduo and @laputis for uploading 6 tracks each when the system simply allows it. They were legitimately uploading works by Krebs they had previously recorded and are catching up. It would have been simply unsustainable to keep that up (learning, recording, editing et. al). In other words, this was only a temporary event...

And because each track allows a description, they add links (sometimes affiliate if non-public domain) to the score and their website (as do I). The influential member(s) saw this as blatant advertising. I know that @organduo and @laputis' intentions are not like this at all. Nothing is forced or with an act of malice and shilling. Isn't uploading your performances a form of 'advertising' anyway? I mean, why do we share in the first place?

Let's cut to the chase. The daily uploads have now been limited to one per day and links are only allowed in member profiles. I decided to use my daily upload with this Mozart work, transcribed for organ.

Here's a video of the work as originally intended:

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