Cats at Play - Denis Bédard

Denis Bédard's Cat Suite is definitely a collection of pieces not intended for use during a church service. It would be highly inappropriate 😅. The set of pieces are for recital or concert use and I think a composition like this really helps break the ice in a programme that would otherwise be filled with 'serious music'. The suite has four movements:

  1. Prrrelude
  2. Cats at Play
  3. Catnap
  4. Toc-cat-a

The movement I have shared with you today is definitely my favourite. It uses a light 8' + 2' registration that depicts a cat's playful nature before moving into a middle section that really brings a smile to my face (the motif constantly teases your ear). The main theme returns again as expected, but with an unexpected ending 😁 (listen right through to the end!).

This was recorded using the Aeolian-Skinner, opus 1301, virtual organ model (Sonus Paradisi) with the Hauptwerk VPO software.



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