2nd Vespers, 4th Sunday of Easter

This evening I participated in a virtual Vespers (Evening prayer) with two of my friends over Zoom. The service was open to the public and then it was later uploaded to YouTube. I had prepared a French classical set of repertoire using the St. Pons instrument by Sonus Paradisi. However, during our sound check my system kept locking up. After some tinkering it seemed that my computer was low on RAM whilst trying to run Zoom at the same time. The St. Pons set really pushes my 16gb machine to its capacity.

I switched to Hereford Cathedral instead because I know that there’s much more breathing room—and I was right! Whilst not ideal, I had to wing all my registrations but I think it was a fairly good result given the circumstances. For the prelude I played a Plein jeu and the postlude was a Dialogue (both from Suite du premier ton). After each psalm and the Magnificat, I played a short interlude.

Zoom doesn’t present the best audio quality for music but I hope you can appreciate our virtual Vespers service. I hope to play again next Sunday! These will be running until our churches reopen again.



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