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New Clan Games Challenges!
Win 3 Stars against a specific Town Hall level in Multiplayer Battles
Earn 5 Stars in Multiplayer Battles against opponents in Titan League
Get Stars from a Town Hall higher level than your own
Get Stars without using any Spells
Get Stars without using any Heroes
Earn 3 Stars from a Clan War battle
Knock out a number of level points of a specific Hero
Earn 5 Stars in Versus Battles using Super P.E.K.K.A.
Destroy a number of Mega Teslas in Versus Battles
We are also introducing a selection of new Magic Items with some much-requested abilities!

New Magic Items
Builder Potion – this Magic Item will speed up the progress of your Builders in the Home Village by 10x for 1 hour.
Runes – these Magic Items will fill the storage of one of your 5 resources, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Builder Base Gold, and Builder Base Elixir. Max capacity: 1 per resource type.
Ring of Walls – this Magic Item will increase the level of your Walls! They can be used to upgrade Walls in both the Home Village and Builder Base. Max capacity: 25.
But that's not all...

Just like Clan Wars, your Clan will now earn Clan XP at the end of each Clan Games, determined by the number of thresholds reached by you and your Clan mates.

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