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Human beings have done an amazing job when it comes to building stuff but we are also destroying earth slowly by building every where. Anyway this is a great picture.

Very nice

Yes you are right. History is always talk. Excellent photographs. You are a traveler as well as good photographer. Thank you @scottdphoto.

How did you do to take the picture? From another building? It looks very dangerous! Nice picture!




The view is from the CN Tower in Toronto, to be totally honest I'm afraid of heights and it took me a lot to go up the tower. The view was amazing but still scary. Thanks for checking out my stuff.

I used to work at the CN Tower, the cheezy photoshop booth right near where you took this from. The view brings back memories!

amazing view

I would love to visit there. Great article!

Wow amazing post
Good view of city

WoW looks very good quality.

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beautiful scene. Man makes great big beautiful things,we adapt the world to our needs. It's amazing what pure ingenuity can really do, and you can really see it when you get to take steps back and just take it all in like this.

I really appreciate your creativity - in one post you posted beautiful nature and on the second hand you put awesome cityscape! Great :) Thanks for it. We really enjoy it :)

Wow amaezing...

Humans are inbalancing the globe with constructing !

Wonderful ari I want to visit this place

beautiful photography

it's always an interesting perspective from the top of a skyscraper.

We the humans are getting damage to the earth, the earth is hurt
good post @scottdphoto and good photo.

I really like the artwork that brings positive ideas closer to people
Must be supported...
Thank you for your wonderful work
Have a nice day 😊

this is really a picture of life that is really extraordinary, but certainly I really like your posts my brother, I like every post you share.

Amazing photography

Great capture!!!

good horizontal lines brother

lovely image! thanks alot, please also support a rising content creator @yowanetwork 👍

at first i thought it was a drone, but then there is the reflection. must be incredibly high. great and different shot.

Buildings are the real beauty of the city and country.

Interesting color of the photo. Successfully.

very intresting post.

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Hermoso de verdad.