Harbour Light

The iconic Empress Hotel is a truly stunning structure. Located on the Victoria Inner Harbour. I has been the way point for many stars, dignitaries and royalty. The view from the veranda on a summer's day while sipping a cocktail is on of the best experiences in the city. A must do if your here in Victoria for a visit.

Empress Hotel-1.jpg

Living in Victoria, is a true pleasure and I feel so lucky to be here on the west coast of Canada. I invite everyone to experience my city at least once in their lives.


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Thank you for your invitation, definitely one day I will visit it.
If something has its ties to the past then you feel something really different when you get to that place.

the color of the hotel and it reflection is perfect as a painting. i wish i were there :).

Nice and beautiful pic
Hope could be there
Fantastic photography

Thanksfor your invitation, definitely one day I will visit it.
Good post:)

impressive! what camera do you use?

Harbour is a good and attractive place.you are a lucky man,reason you enjoing harbare everything place. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

Great pic...I will someday visit Canada and Victoria will need to be on the bucket list of places to go while there.

Nice lighting man!

wao amazing, I loved this picture.

I'm going to follow your work is excellent, I'm starting in the world of photography, I'm open to suggestions to improve, thanks greetings from Venezuela.

That would look great on canvas dont you think?

It's indeed beautiful so beautiful i wish i could live there

This is definitely on of the most beautiful golden hour photography I have seen on steemit. Great capture :)

Wow the pictures of the hotel are very beautiful and amazing

Wonderful photography. Love the reflections on the water!

beautiful picture I would like to go and see that beauty

your photography is awesome.. @scottdphoto

Honestly, I am very happy to read your article, you create an exciting content that can make me relax reading it, can you visit my blog ?? @umar97

Great Photo, fantastic use of the reflection. Inspiring would be the word i would use...

Wow, nice photo and place

Very Nice And Great Article Sir Really Appreciate able We Will Wish By Your Effort Steem Will Grow And Rise Thanks For Sharing Sir @scottdphoto

This looks astonishing! Sipping a cocktail is an experience in itself, but accompanied by such a view... just wow ;)

Wow! I think Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, I mean, look at that hotel. I hope I can visit it someday.

These old hotels in Canada are pretty awesome....like the McDonald in Edmonton.

nice photo i always resteem your post and i hope you so

Hope I once visit here

Very nice Scott, greetings from another Victorian...

Wow! This is picture-postcard perfect! Makes me wanna go visit, RIGHT NOW! :)

Great photo!

Nice shot, yes Canada definitely in on my bucket list :-)

Your city sure looks very interesting and beautiful :)

Waooooo Great Take

one of my first posts on steemit was about Victoria :) Such an amazing place !

wow without doubt one of the best pictures I've seen and that I've taken a few good


Very beautiful!!!

...the lights of the sun on the windows look like as the building has eyes !
Great shot.

Wonderful photo. I wonder about Canada and would like to visit but it is really far and expensive.

Thanks for your invitation, I would also like to invite you to visit my city Udaipur. Udaipur, in Rajasthan, is often called the most romantic city in India because of its famed lakes and palaces. Here are some pics of my City... Hope you all enjoy it and make a plan to visit it soon...

Really a place you shouldn't miss.

Incredibly beautiful photography and very beautiful building!! I'd like to see it with my own eyes in reality! Thank you for sharing this beauty! It's like a gorgeous postcard :)!!

Looks great, thank you for sharing😊👍🏻

This photo takes my breath away! Congratulations :)
thank you for your upvote yesterday!
Saludos desde Uruguay

Absolutely stunning capture. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the invite - I have every intention of going!

Fantastic photo, Canada is on my list of places I HAVE to travel to!

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