☁My "million dollar photo" was published on one of the biggest european⚡weather websites☁

in #cityscapephotography2 years ago (edited)

First of all

I'm happy as ... It's hard to describe.😋This week was crazy. We didn't have luck to catch a supercell, but instead we did get some amazing lightning show.
I must thanks Clemens Humeniuk ( https://www.ch-photography.at/ ), who has allowed me to take part on his chases in Austria ( Bro, thank you one more time ). Marko Korošec (role model), with which I made contact and since then, he inspired me to go and shot more and better SW (severe weather) photos. Thank you, bro.

You don't know ,who Marko is? This guy, lives his dreams 👍 Check his website! http://www.markokorosec.net/

Now the story

Aug 8th, was a strange day. We had several big storm around us and some cells, but we didn't pick up any of them. Yes, this things happen more often than you think. We made some nice photos, but nothing special. As we come home, another big storm was coming into the city.
I decided, to stay at home and make the photo, that I wanted for a long time. Yes, this is the view from my window on the city of Gratkorn, Gratwein and Judendorf-Straßengel. I imagine the photo, how it should look like... but what I captured "Blow my mind"

( Raw. and jpg. photo is for sale )
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 16mm-50mm
Set: F4.5/ shutter 20 / Iso 400

Bummm.....I got my 😍photo😍. You can see the lightning illuminates the whole city in lovely colors. I immediately edit the photo and send it to Severe Weather Europe (SWE). http://www.severe-weather.eu/
The next day, my photo was published 😱 on there Fb site, such and honor. 😍 Thank you, SWE!


I hope you enjoy the photo and If you are excited to see more amazing footage, don't forget to follow me👍
Yours truly, @marjanko

All your support, will go for buying a new lens for weather photography, so I could bring you better photos and videos.

If you need infos about storm chasing , just contact me, do not be shy.


Holy wow! Congratulations on the photo!

That's an amazing shot and definitely deserves all the attention that it got!

What a photo!! Followed, liked and re-steemed :)

@article61 Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me 🤗 Thank you one more time 😍

Wow the photo is so awesome @marjanko and congratulations on getting published. Your derserve the honour! Your friends website is incredible too👏👏👏👏👏👏

Thanks, @sallybeth23 I appreciate your support!

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Love, that you like it @inferisgr

V pravem trenutku na pravem mestu. Čestitam :)

Hvala @seckorama 🍀 Jap. Sam mesto sem ze mel nastudirano... vse kar sem rabil je bila tale nevihta 🤘
Zdaj smo na vrhuncu sezone, tako da se upam na kaksne hude slike ✌️

Zelo lepa! Ampak želim ti čim manj takšnih do konca poletja! :)

Letos je bilo že preveč dežja =)

Hvala @poss
🤘 Letos je res cudno poletje 🤔 za letos sem zelo zadovoljem kar sem ujel... ampak zgleda da nas se cakata 2 mogoce 3 nevihte ... 🤭
Lep pozdrav iz oblacnega in dezevnega Graza 🍀

Congratulations! That is an awesome photo. Beautiful.

Thank you my friend 🍀 Love, that you like it ✌️

Jap, but it was worth all the waiting 🤘

great photo
do you shoot everything in raw

Yes @rebeccabe, I shot in raw. and jpg (raw, for sale and jpg. for SM)

Congratulations! 👏👏 Awsome picture!

✌️ Thanks, ileana56 🍀

@marjanko a great and talented shot. Congrats with the exposure on the weather channel and I hope you sell a ton of photos! Blessings and upvoted!

Thanks @papilloncharity for the kind words. I m so grateful that I have such good support from the community. I'm trying to make some extra money, because I did get the chance to go on a USA trip (2019) with Marko and his team to go after big monster supercells 😍😍😍

Did you get more rewards than on steemit?
Awesome shot, btw.

No 🤭 but I made some new friends..... ✌️ That is way I m on steemit🤘and I m promoting steemit 👊I use a bot to boost this poste... but will see how it goes:) Maybe someone will buy it or it will be used for commercial use
Thank you @oldtimer 🤘

Welcome to Steemit, and good luck on your Steemit adventure. If you are into drones, drone photography and cryptocurrencies, you are more than welcome to visit my channel.


Have fun! Stormrider75 Screenshot_20180812_104046.jpg

@stormrider75 good work, but stop spamming!

Hey, congrats, what a great photo!

That's amazing! Congratulations! :)

Thank you 🍀

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