City Scapes in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is one of the most modern cities in China. Shenzhen started off as a small market town with about 30,000 people on the Kowloon–Canton Railway route, but in 1980 it became China's first Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and in the relatively short period of fewer than 40 years it grew to a modern city with more than 20 million people.

Lucky shot

When we arrived at this square, I took the first photo to test my night settings, and by the time the exposure finished, the clouds moved totally over and we could not see the high rising building for the rest of the night. On top of that, I managed to capture a shooting star in this first photo. Indeed a lucky shot!

As a landscape photographer, I am always looking for good landscape opportunities, and Shenzhen does not disappoint. It presents itself with beautiful nature- as well as cityscapes.

Let me show you a few of the cityscape I have taken on my visits to Shenzhen.

The KK 100

The KK 100 or Kinkey is 442 metres high and when completed was the tallest building in China and one of the 15 tallest in the world.

From Above

I managed to get permission to go to the top of the KK 100 to take some cityscapes. Looking directly down I saw these abstract forms in the lake.

Back on the ground

From above I also saw an interesting pedestrian bridge and decided to photograph it the next morning during sunrise.


Another interesting place to visit is OCT. It stands for "Outside China Town". This place is basically the opposite of what you will find in many cities around the world called "China Town". It consists mainly of western restaurants and is right next to a large theme park.

DJI - The Drone People

This photo taken in the other direction shows another interesting architectural marvel - and this is the headquarters of DJI, the drone company. I decided to take this photo in infrared.

If you are an architecture photographer, then you will need to add Shenzhen to your bucket list. There are many more interesting buildings in Shenzhen, one can easily stay in Shenzhen for 2 weeks just photographing cityscapes (and you will need many more months for all the other interesting things to photograph in Shenzhen!)

This is my entry in the weekly #cityscapephotography photography challenge created by @juliank

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Most excellent post as always Johann.
I could swear I've seen that same sci-fi looking decor of your last photo in a film recently. So eerie...
And that shooting star in your lucky shot. Sheesh... hope you made a wish!

Awesome exposure!!

I find photos like these of large cities quite enjoyable. Living in a rural area it's nice to look without needing to go and get lost in the city myself :)

Congrats on the #cityscapephotography win.