Citizenship on sale for just 9 bitcoin!

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I know there are many libertarian sorts on here and big followers of @dollarvigilante so I thought this article, Hurricane Hit Countries Slash Cost of Citizenship-By-Investment Programs, might interest some of you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.45.14.png

Due to an urgent need for cash to pay for the cleanup after the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria , several Carribbean islands are offering steep discounts on citizenship, including St Kitts which cut their investment passport price from $250,000 down to $150,000, or just 9 bitcoin! The next big discounter is Antigua which has cut their price from $200,000 to $100,000 (or 6 BTC).

Anyway, if life in paradise interests you, some of the deals expire March 30th . . .

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@RionNox fancy moving to the Caribbean? I've been to Antigua there is nothing there.... I wonder how many Maxcoins one would cost...

I am too afraid this 9 BTC is a few million a year later


Good point; so use the fiat instead. If you're interested in a second passport . . .

After four years of waiting, my wife and I will finally be able to take the citizenship test to get our Ecuadorian citizenship/passports.

Already on my radar!

why am I seeing dollar signs on a Max Keiser post sorry buddy I have to call you out on that one Satoshi would slap your ass

With the current weather we're having... its more than a bargain. But I agree its better to HODL your BTC & Steem and pay full price next year.

Have been looking at "2nd passport" idea for decades. Haven't been able to find any real benefits. Would someone enlighten me please.


The idea is meant of safety reasons; we've had relative stability for the past few decades but prior to 1950s we had two world wars and all sorts of maniacs committing mass murder. The theory is that having a second passport may at least decrease your odds of being trapped in a country that goes crazy.


If that's the reason for a second passport, forget it.
You will need citizenship in another planet.

Good information

All coasts around the world will become uninhabitable in coming years. Climate change will create hurricanes xxl, cyclones xxl and shake life arounds the Seas...there wont be time to regenerate it will come more frequently and more violently than in the past. I bet on central and eastern Russia to survive .


Nah baul

South America is the future of Man

Just looking at the healing and medicine that is taking place in South America today.

It's the least reported aspect on any media is the shamanic kind of healing that is taking place on that side of the planet.

I think the Earth's energetic polls have shifted and South America has become the new Spiritual Center of the world... The further away from it, the more calamity and untold disaster awaits.


SA won't be much as the Amazon rain forest trees are being cut down at a rapid rate for the bullshit guitar market as seen at Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Musicians Friend; the IKEA and Rooms to Go bullshit furniture market -- Franken guitars, furniture just like the myriad of franken-foods out there pimped as "new and improved" high fructose corn syrup.

How to quickly get 9 bitcoin by March 30th? Please help me! Lol... Joke :D


Indeed. In the words of Blind Alfred Reed, how can a poor man stand such times and live?

What is MaxLand charging? 😀

serious question: what are the benefits of a st. kitts passport if you do not renounce u.s. citizenship?


Not sure there are any. Unless the likes of Rachel Maddow get their wish and there is some sort of coup and the military takes over etc etc etc . . .

I'm not getting a second passport (heck, I don't even have a first passport) and I'm not moving one inch from where I am for anybody, unless it's feet-first on a gurney. No morons who think they have so-called authority will chase me around the globe. THEY need to move, not me.

how do you think or your prediction about bitcoin price in 2018 whether it will be increasing or going down.
I just want to survey some people's opinions

Beautiful scenery

I would be straight there if I had BTC ;(

Sounds like what this Propy coin business is all about -- too many BTC for marginal properties they price way above other comparables in the same area.

There are many places you can get a citizenship for less then 9 BTC. Go find a person get married pay 1BTC in advance and 1BTC when you get your Citizenship and get divorced after it.