What Is Your Body Doing While Your Computer BOINCs?

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So, you turned on BOINC and now you think you're a good person, right?WRONG!!! You could be doing so much more!

During the Gridcoin Community Classroom yesterday, we were talking about manual projects on Citizen Science Grid like Climate Tweets and [email protected], and I recalled a couple of bookmarked pages from the past...

Higgs Hunters (visually identifying unique/exotic particles from Large Hadron Collider scatter pattern data) & Planet Hunters (trying to spot transient patterns in telescope images) - a small selection of the MANY projects available on Zooniverse which has been mentioned by Gridcoin community members in past hangouts and chats. There are others... but I don't know them, or can't remember them. Please reply with any projects/websites/applications that you feel are in line with this kind of scientific work.

I encourage everyone to visit the links provided in this article, and at least give it a look. Who knows? You might find your new favourite thing! :D


I went through a big phase of using my lunch break at work to do Zooniverse projects, I remember doing stuff for the LHC and another climate study classifying pictures of the seasons.
Of course I was the butt of some jokes and confusion from my colleagues, but that's OK cos I know science is cool!

Right, let's not be lazy!

That reminds me, I've searched a few thousands charts in Planet Hunters, but was probably more successful on another project, as I've managed to co-discover around 20 gravitational lenses ;)

In short, gravitational lense might be a cluster of galaxies = billions of worlds!


Space Warps

I remember talking about this! It's awesome that you re-discovered the links and are sharing!

I love citizen science!

I also love Citizen Science ..


Courtesy of @joshoeah

one of the better posts i've ever done. too bad things don't get seen unless there's money behind it. oh well, science suffers. <3

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