What Is Your Body Doing While Your Computer BOINCs?

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So, you turned on BOINC and now you think you're a good person, right?WRONG!!! You could be doing so much more!

During the Gridcoin Community Classroom yesterday, we were talking about manual projects on Citizen Science Grid like Climate Tweets and Wildlife@Home, and I recalled a couple of bookmarked pages from the past...

Higgs Hunters (visually identifying unique/exotic particles from Large Hadron Collider scatter pattern data) & Planet Hunters (trying to spot transient patterns in telescope images) - a small selection of the MANY projects available on Zooniverse which has been mentioned by Gridcoin community members in past hangouts and chats. There are others... but I don't know them, or can't remember them. Please reply with any projects/websites/applications that you feel are in line with this kind of scientific work.

I encourage everyone to visit the links provided in this article, and at least give it a look. Who knows? You might find your new favourite thing! :D

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I went through a big phase of using my lunch break at work to do Zooniverse projects, I remember doing stuff for the LHC and another climate study classifying pictures of the seasons.
Of course I was the butt of some jokes and confusion from my colleagues, but that's OK cos I know science is cool!

Right, let's not be lazy!

That reminds me, I've searched a few thousands charts in Planet Hunters, but was probably more successful on another project, as I've managed to co-discover around 20 gravitational lenses ;)

In short, gravitational lense might be a cluster of galaxies = billions of worlds!


Space Warps

I remember talking about this! It's awesome that you re-discovered the links and are sharing!

I love citizen science!


I also love Citizen Science ..


Courtesy of @joshoeah

one of the better posts i've ever done. too bad things don't get seen unless there's money behind it. oh well, science suffers. <3