Washington's Snitches and Entities Defying Orders


List of businesses/gatherings/people defying orders and the snitches who collaborate with our oppressors current through 5/18/2020

After learning of a website and form people can fill out to snitch on fellow members of their community choosing to defy tyrannical orders from Inslee I decided to do a public records request. My purpose was both to see who is defying orders in and living advancing the cause of freedom and to see who is willing to call on state enforcers to threaten violence against their neighbors who haven't hurt anyone else, damaged or stolen anyone else's property or defrauded anyone else.

As much as it pains me to say it what we are witnessing in this country is not much different than the collaborators of the Nazi regime. The ruling class with all of it's incentives has coerced our local rulers to impose these draconian orders on the people they are supposed to be serving. Follow the money and you'll see why your local officials are following through with these orders the way the are. A video(click here to view) from March 16, 2020 on my local city's YouTube channel give's us a glimpse. In it the Mayor says he is issuing an emergency order related to the coronavirus. He then states the reason for this saying,

"...allows us to purchase the goods that we need in the near term to address the current situation. This allows us to deploy funding and resources, seek state and federal support, and grant greater flexibility to work with other agencies."

Translation...this allows us to get money from the state/federal government under the emergency declaration clause.
At some point we "the people" need to understand the reason our local officials are still holding on to these draconian orders has little to do with public safety at this point and more to do with making sure those federal and state emergency funds are still rolling in since the extortion income for these corporations will now be taking a major hit. It's time for us to start supporting the members of our community who are willing to stand for freedom and against tyranny. Take a look at the lists provided to me by the state. Myself I'm viewing it as a list of my new favorite establishments to frequent and support. These are people who understand what it means to be free and the risks that come along with it. Of course there is also some information about some of the snitches as well. This tells me who to keep an eye on in my community. They aren't necessarily bad people, they have just allowed themselves to be coerced through fear to turn on those in their community. We should be talking these issues out as a community not turning people we disagree with in to our rulers who will use threats of violence, and extortion to comply these freedom lovers back in to compliance.

Links to lists of entities turned in for breaking King Inslee's orders.

Folder containing all lists provided as part of my records request

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