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Good day guys, I hope you all are enjoying your week. Has it has been usual of me to bring to you the best project out there to invest, am here with another masterpiece of a project which will definitely transform the world into a better place.

The world today is fill with tons of millions of people and this get to increase everyday. But over the years death rate has increased tremendously due to lack of health care services in many areas of the world. Government has absolutely done nothing to fix or help this situation, they only care about themselves and only make it even worse for their citizens by destroying/closing healthcare infrastructures. The health care sector is really in a big mess right now and no one cares about it, which has made the death rate in the world to increase tremendously. In order to continue the existence of humans there need to be an adequate health care infrastructure. Which is why CitiOS is here. CitiOS is built on the blockchain which uses AI and other technologies to deliver adequate health care services and transform the world.
Well the blockchain has been in existence for a long while and have seen a massive adoption over the past few years. Today the blockchain is a great technology which every sector in the world wants to implement for their maximum output. The Blockchain has proven to be a masterpiece of a technology as it has shown a great and significant impact in the world. What makes the blockchain so successful is it ability to world at any sector and solve every problem in that sector. It has also received lots of achievements and said to be the future of technology. The Blockchain technology has also created lots of opportunities and development for individuals and businesses which have made them grow through crisis. The Blockchain technology is only here to stay and will keep delivering great and new achievements.

What is CitiOS?
CitiOS is a blockchain based project which utilize Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) among other technologies to transform the world into a smart city. These sensors and technology are designed to collect and check the status of the health care infrastructure in today's world which will help every individual to be able to easily get health services within seconds. In order to make this work CitiOS is using a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), which is also built by the team and is inspired from IoT. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) has been designed to get and collect data from it surroundings. After this is gotten, it send it to the AI chip in the platform. LoRa-private protocol then transfer it into the CitiOS blockchain which is stored secured and easy to access through this. The best thing here is that all these technologies works hand in hand and takes seconds to process all of this from start to end in real-time.
Human life is more than anything in this world and a need to secure this should be our ultimate goal. Which is why the delegation of the CitiOS health monitoring model which is built on a decentralized system is the future and a huge step to a better life.

The world is a large place and most of this places are far from developing which make them less relevant and not up to date, CitiOS is using it technology to bring this places CitiOS to better and reliable health care services as the technology gather every thing happening in that area which are also linked to the health service providers. This is a masterpiece technology and will only say health care service provider should partner with CitiOS in order to take this further. The team behind the project are also experienced and good at this part which have made the project a huge success so far. I believe CitiOS is here to transform the world into a better place and can't wait for it uses all over the world.


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