Learning to Play Cities Skylines Part 6

in citiesskylines •  last month

I'm learning how to play Cities Skylines. I'm very late to this game's party. There's tons of DLC, tons of expansions, and tons of guides on the Internet. Those people aren't me, though - and they're definitely not sharing the game's content on the STEEM blockchain as well as other parts of the Internet.

Cities Skylines takes you back to the time when you first played Sim City, and gives you a massive load of adult responsibility to deal with. In this video series, I struggle (and learn) about what to do, and not do, when it comes to building cities.

I get thoroughly addicted, ranty, frustrated, and sore at citizens leaving. Then, sometimes I even get a bit vindictive and make bad decisions just in order to watch people suffer.

Watch some Cities: Skylines, narrated by your favorite bearded man.

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