Circus - my passion

in circus •  3 years ago 

Hello to everybody and thanks for accepting me in Steemit community.

My passion is the circus and all what is going around. I like mainly all what is happening in the circular tent, but especially I like acrobats and clows.

The trained animals I think should not be anymore involved in the circus life, because animals belongs to nature and wild life. There was the time in which it was fun to see wild animals in circus tent, but today you can watch the wild animals in the zoo or taking a safari.

circus sparbuzz.jpg photo by playbuzz

The circus is like a family and I regret so much that this art is slowly disappearing.

Support circus and enjoy it when circus is coming to yr area.

moscowstate circus.jpg by Moscow state circus

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Welcome to Steem @ababeel I have upvoted and sent you a tip

thanks for nice welcome

welcome on board hoping to read more about you and circus in near future

glad to see you @Ababeel I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me !

welcome Ababeel and yr passion for circus, I am also a dreamer and circus helps a lot following you


Welcome to Steemit @ababeel!
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Let me welcome you to this awesome place @Ababeel . I'm @chrisx and if you need any help feel free to contact or follow me :-)

Welcome to steemit, happy to have you here
I comment to your post to follow me. and I will follow you

I [email protected] , my real name istiaq ahmed:)
Checkout my blog posts, Enjoy your time here and let's get this party started :)

nice to have you here i like circus

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Welcome to the platform @ababeel, it's an excellent group of people on this platform! minnowsupport is a useful section for new members. Follow me if you are interested in free banners you can use on your posts!

I love the circus too!