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RE: Let's Talk—Just a Reality Check! What's Your Prediction for Steemit in 2018?

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Spending time on Steemit and other apps of Steem is actually a nice way of knowing how to be successful in real life.

  • Getting more upvotes?
    You seem to have said something funny.
  • Getting high worth upvotes?
    You seem to have said something of value.
  • Getting flags?
    You're probably being a dick.

At least people can use it to mend their personality and attitude to prepare themselves for real life scenarios!

I see a positive future for Steemit actually.

So far, with people getting annoyed by Youtube and jumping ship to Dtube, there seems to be a rise in popularity of Steem-based apps.

That's one thing I like about the apps, they provide actual value to the content being published.

Here, talent = talent.

No need to be a part of some weird "creator's group" etc. to avail the "benefits". If you're good at something and you get noticed, it's only going up from there.
That's the main thing I like about this whole cryptocurrency social network.


Good points all around.

btw how could I forget, the recent FB controversy adds to it! People are probably ready too leave FB now. Steemit could be a good alternative to it now.

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