Steemit, and Family Feud

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For anyone unfamiliar with Family Feud it is a gameshow where two groups of people on opposite teams compete to answer questions about what a "random survey of 100 people" have given as answers.

It's just like steemit where you get paid to figure out what's popular... Unless you are the plankton, that's below the minnow, that's below the dolphin-porpoise halfling, all of which are of course below the elusive whales

So just like here it comes down to what other people would say about whether certain posts will be popular. What they like and dislike. It comes down to people upvoting content based on their perception of what will be popular.

One of the best parts is that those people on the same team all inevitably start chanting one of the show's popular catchphrases...

Good Answer... Good Answer!

However, this is often chanted in spite of the fact that the answer was bad, so bad. But not wanting to show dissention amongst a team everyone on that team joins in. Usually the players on a team are family so they have a vested interest both in the game and with outside interests as well. However the goal on family Feud and on Steemit is the same. It's financial. Sure everyone has a great time. It's great to see family members give goofy answers. But at the end of the day the money is what brought them to the show and the money is what they are wanting to leaver with.

So like the gameshow players many of us come here in search of some enjoyment and entertainment, but all of us have some bills too, or family that needs our help, like mine where my spouse deals with incredibly difficult medical issues.

As a community we are constantly upvoting what we feel it good content but that also will be beneficial come payout time. I spent several hours yesterday morning curating new posts trying to find good ones, several that I found I voted on very early and then once they were paid out I still haven't seen any curation rewards. Despite being the 3rd vote on a $3,000+ post. I must say that is very discouraging, which reminds me of another great post that was about how not to get discouraged, again voted very early, no curation rewards. I'll have to go back and read that post again in an effort to not get discouraged.

I want to be at least a dolphin amongst the whales. To make my vote be able to count. Right now, me, being here, that is what I got. This is what I'm doing for now. Trying to make Steemit a better place for everyone. We all need to work together to help each other.


Keep up the great work @steemi

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