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Free coin giveaway. No ICO, just free coins handed out - a new ERC-20 token developed as a “social experiment”: CIRCLE ⭕️ (CRCL). It serves no real purpose other than as a social/economical experiment - can a community comprised of randomly assembled blokes build value in a token given away for free?

To participate, follow this link to the Telegram, then follow directions on the pinned post, which I’ve also included at the bottom of this post. Read it before asking questions.


50k CRCL for all new circlers who join.

Their Twitter: @circletoken
For all those who participate, please follow them and help spread the word. The only way this thing will become worth anything is if we all do our part!

White paper (will be written over time by anyone who wants to add to it. Truly decentralized, lol, feel free to add shit to it!):…/1u738YmUcfwVjPt2gOQQDBREIMiE…/edit

Chances are this doesn’t go anywhere, but hey, if Justin Sun can pump a worthless coin to .30 alone, why can’t a few thousand circlers? Perhaps someone can send McAfee a couple hookers and a bag of blow in exchange for a tweet?

Here is the pinned telegram group message:


🚨Don't send Coinbase or exchange address🚨


Circle is a "Free ICO" experiment for a cryptocurrency i built called circle.

Post your erc-20 compatible Eth address (NOT Coinbase) to receive some free Circle.

Use if you don't have a wallet

Only rule is you must send some of your Circle to others or add friends to the group!

Adding Circle
To make Circle show up in your wallet. Click "add custom token" and see info below..

Contract address: 0x03d4d7e2cbaba7f86246bb94a35ba8e0e6fbedfa

Token Symbol: CRCL

Decimals: 18

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