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So I just saw some episodes of “Better Call Saul” season 4.

I’ve written about how much I liked the show before. I even wrote on how I prefer it to “Breaking Bad”

I was quite excited about this season 4…

However, I must say I’m a bit disappointed.

The show used to be quite unique, Wonderfull and a bit odd (in the right way). It was smart and interesting. It had tremendous suspense, without dealing with bank heists… it was engaging without any debts. The story unfolded in a fantastic manner, giving us the perfect amount of wonder and explanation. It was a great character study. The backgrounds and relations of the characters were great. A terrific show set in the legal world of New Mexico… far away from the courtroom drama genre.

Really it was a Wonderfull show, with is unique voice and narrative.

And the seasons while keeping the should of the show were a bit different. Like season 3, focused on the brother’s conflict in a direct manner and it “resolved” that conflict.

In walks season 4….

Most of the great characteristics I just listed are gone. What a shame, but now it became more like Breaking Bad. It’s mainly about the drug trafficking … it has several kills. I would say more deaths in the first 4 episodes than in all 3 previous seasons combined.

Kinda lost his uniqueness and oddity. Lost it's interesting voice and narrative since now things are just presented to you as they move along. No more unfolding of the narrative. No more mystery, in a simple world. Now it’s showing things of a brutal world.

(A brutal world that has been made quite infantile. Like in the previous show. Is this spouse to be ok for kids? Maybe because we see no blood right ?… )

So that’s my opinion for today… I’m quite disappointed since I really loved the show. Now I won’t finish season 4…

As always, thank you for reading.

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