"American Made" CinemaBun Film Suggestion.

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Other than seeing the poster, all I knew it was that it was directed by Doug Liman and starring Tom Cruise. I'll go see a movie with those credentials any day of the week.

However, this one surprised me quite a bit.

Some people might mention "Blow" when seeing this movie. There are some similarities, but this one is superior in every way.

It's an insane crazy true story about a plane pilot that got involved with the CIA and the Columbian Cartel and the Counters in Nicaragua.

However, unlike many movies dealing with this subject, this is a personal story. It's the personal perspective of an outsider. He is not a politician nor a spy, nor a drug lord... He has no agenda.

It's a crazy fun film, about this larger than life life. I also loved how the film looks and the compositions of the shots and the choices made in order to tell this story. The Music, a cinematic experience.

A few days ago I saw "Kill the Messenger" (Also about the CIA / Crack epidemic, relationship) and I mention how much I like when movies direct our attention to important and often neglected and refused facts of our history, politics and society.

Well "American Made" absolutely directs our attention to such topics. A first-person account of someone who was actually in the trenches.

A story about this man and it's relationship to his family. And in the background, of this personal and crazy rock and roll story, we have all this situation who was very often labeled a conspiracy theory.

It's super entertaining and super relevant.

Truly a great surprise. Only wish the Dvd had more extras and a director's commentary.

As always, thank you for reading.

Photos (except Logo) from Pixabay.com

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