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Many movie have been made about the Jim Crow South. Selma was a good one, where we saw the FBI trying to frame MLK. Then there's Till. The story itself was good, but it was lengthy.

Mamie is a Black woman who moved from Mississippi to Chicago to avoid being a 2nd-class citizen. Her son goes on a visit there (to his cousins) and never comes back. Then starts the fight of her life.

The movie really start being interesting when she decides to let photographs sees her dead son, with a gun shot wound to the head. That's when she decided to start her fight for civil rights. We see the rage in her eyes and her determination to get justice she never got.

But before that. we just see her premonitions that something wrong will happen, her comfortable life in Chicago (although there is still racism). If does make a contrast, but the movie could have been shortened 15-20 minutes and would have been more interesting.

In short, Till is not the best tale about civil rights. There are lenghthy moments that don't serve much purpose that kill the rythm and spoil the story. No wonder it couldn't even cover its budget

Final rating: 3/5

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