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Hollywood can really find inspiration anywhere, including from a news about a dropped shipment of cocaine. The result is Cocaine Bear, a movie you won't miss if you don't watch it.

So, a plane shipment of cocaine doesn't go as planned, and the parachutist drops dead. Unfortunately for the people of the Blood Mountain National Forest, it lands near a bear...

That's pretty much the story. While producers try to introduce a story of betrayal somewhere, there is absolutely nothing of interest in that movie. The titular bear (and her cubs) and very badly animated, the mauling looks very bad (but the practical effects are good) and the dialogues and just plain bad.

No human in this story is worth a look, although it's ironic to see 2 of the actresses from The Americans back together. There's just there, chasing after the bear of avoid it. Their reactions are worthy of a Z-series movie.

In short, you can skip this movie. It's too over-the-top, the special effects suck and the dialogues are no better than most adult movies. Such wasted talent

Final rating: 1.1/5


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