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Thanks to very clever (and machiavelic) marketing, Barbie was THE movie of the summer (along with Oppenheimer). When it got out, there were complaints left and right about its wokeness. I can now confirm that they were all justified.

Barbie lives happily with the other Barbies, having the time of her life. But all of a sudden, she starts having weird thoughts about death. The next morning, her feet are flat (instead of shaped to be in high heels) and she has cellulite. Weird Barbie pushes her to go to the real world...

As I said, the movie is every bit at woke as its detractors claimed. The Barbieland Supreme Court talks against Citizens United claiming that corporation have no free speech, her map of the real world uses Chinese propaganda and men are just brainless oafs. The utopian feel of Barbieland can make you smile at times (she drinks and empty cup, there's no water coming from her shower) but it's short-lived.

And when she comes to the (supposed) Real World, it's the reversed of Barbieland: the land of patriarchy when men are every bit as stupid, just with "all" the power. The Mattel board is 100% men and everyone is as stupid as the next one. And when Barbie traces back the girl she saw in a flashback, the latter goes on a woke rant about consumerism and setting back feminism. And Ken discovers the patriarchy...

In short, skip this movie. It has absolutely nothing redeeming, and its success is only due to very clever marketing. Otherwise, its radical feminist agenda would have made it a fringe movie

Final rating: 1.5/5

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