Mini-serial "Chernobyl": where is the border between truth and fiction?

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Mini-series "Chernobyl" raised a wave of talk. True, most of them revolve around the picture itself and its realism. Now I will try to make out some controversial points. Including, confirm or deny the relevance of the outrage of British scriptwriter Carla Meri.

A few words about the show itself

On May 6, 2019, a series of the Chernobyl mini-series appeared on the screen, filmed by director Johan Renk, as written by Craig Mazin.

Experts and ordinary viewers noted the unprecedented realism of the series. In order to display in the frame the very essence of that time and the tragedy of everything that is happening, the director decided to dive into this atmosphere on his own. Renk went to the city of Pripyat. Yes, the director wanted to feel the very atmosphere of that time.

In addition, the screenwriter and director carefully studied the huge amount of materials that could be found. Including, they talked with eyewitnesses and those. Who dealt with the aftermath. Thanks to the work of TASS journalists, the director and the screenwriter have truly unique materials. The first to the place of the tragedy was the journalist Vladimir Itkin. He described in the smallest detail not only the tragedy itself, but also all the events that occurred during the rescue operations. Thanks to correspondents Valery Zufarov and Vladimir Repik, Mir could see with his own eyes the terrible consequences of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The reporters, risking their lives, were hovering in a helicopter 25 meters above the steaming, poisonous abyss. The pictures were horrified.

Valery understood that he had grabbed a deadly dose of radiation. Despite this, he worked to the end. Including present at the construction of the Sarcophagus. Zufarov was not in 1996. His materials formed the basis of a photo chronicle about the tragedy in Chernobyl.

Renk paid attention to every little thing. He was able to display the conditions of life of the Soviet people at that time.

Yes, the picture is striking in its rigidity. But how else can one convey all that fear, horror, heroism of those who went to certain death? Each frame causes the heart to shrink from the horror experienced by the heroes of the series.

Is everything true? Lyapi director and screenwriter

Despite the fact that even small details of the incident were studied. The series was not without fiction.

Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Shcherbina and Academician Legasov really existed. But alas, Uliana Homuk did not exist, which was played by Emily Watson.

In the series, we see that the inhabitants of Pripyat knew about the accident at night, from 25 to 26 April. But this is fiction. Residents of the town of Pripyat found out about the incident only in the morning.

Heroes get to the nuclear power plant from Moscow by helicopter. Note that the distance from Moscow to Pripyat is 850 kilometers. In reality, specialists traveled from Moscow by plane.

Another blunder can be noticed during the conversation of the firefighter Vasily Ignatenko with his wife, who said that she could not go to Moscow, since no one is being released.

This is fiction. In reality, they did not allow only to the reactor. Outside of Pripyat, they were taken almost by force!

Carla Mary's Outrage

The British screenwriter was outraged by the fact that the dark-skinned people were not removed in the series. Personally, I watched a lot of materials about the Chernobyl tragedy. Oddly enough, but partly resentment of Carla can be justified. Indeed, one black man was among the liquidators of the accident. This is Igor Hiryak. He, as part of 210 pontoon-bridge brigade, built a pontoon bridge across the Pripyat to evacuate the residents of the area. He himself was doing military service. He was called in the Vologda region. It turns out. That Karl is right.

In this way. We can safely say that the series actually conveys the true events of the time.

If readers are interested in the subject of the Chernobyl accident, then I can write the history of those events in the smallest details. Waiting for your comments.

Written by: @jurgan

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