A Brief Cigar Review - Flathead Steelhorse Apehanger

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In 2013 CAO created the Flathead line with the car enthusiast in mind. Tonights offering, The Flathead Steelhorse Apehanger, is a spin-off blended for the motorcyclist who enjoys cigars, or the cigar smoker who enjoys motorcycles.



Wrapper: Connecticut Habano broadleaf
Binder: Brazilian Arapiraca
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua
Vitola: 5.5 x 58
Price: $8

The Steelhorse is a different looking cigar, the head is very flat (yes I know, Flathead), it almost has to be punched, otherwise you will be risking cutting down to the shoulder of the cigar. The ring gauge is large, much more than my preferred han- feel, but the construction is seemingly good, and I love the band art. It reminds me of the Harley I used to own, I had Ape Hangers installed shortly after buying it.


Flavor and Smoke

When toasting the Steelhorse, I immediately notice this is going to be quite flavorful. The first few puffs did not produce the nicest profile, which I can’t even describe, but after letting it cool to get it’s bearings it is quite interesting, and nice.


A surprisingly smooth and mellow smoke is giving me notes of dried fruit, toasty wood, and a coconut-chocolate on the finish. No spice, at least not yet, which is totally unexpected. In fact it could use a little, but otherwise this profile is indeed enjoyable.

Around 30 minutes into the Flathead Steelhorse, the cedar nuance really ramps up in strength, as well as a hot cinnamon on the retrohale. The mellow smoke and cocoa flavor notes have waned far in the background. The cedar and cinnamon is not a profile that jives with me, too unbalanced, but it does have a good amount of sweetness going for it.


Now at the halfway point the profile somewhat balances.The cedar isn’t as intense, and the hot cinnamon has leveled out, while toasted graham and a hint of espresso join the profile, this slightly improves it.


Regardless of the small glimmer of hope in the flavor profile just a few minutes ago, I am ready to put this stick down. The flavors never are as good as they were in the beginning, and frankly only get worse. The cedar just becomes too dominant and unappealing


Final Thoughts


The Flathead Steelhorse Apehanger gave me a wonderful 30 minutes of balance, complexity, and wonderful flavors, but quickly broke down.

The price is decent, and I know there are plenty of cigar smokers who would totally dig this flavor profile, I am not one. However, in the future I would give The Flathead Steelhorse Ape Hanger another test ride.

My emoji rating:😕
Smoke time: Too long
Strength/Body: Med-Full/Full
Cigar paired with: Ninkasi First Rule IPA
Price opinion: I won’t pay it

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nice post greg....i haven't seen any post of yours for a while!!!...as far as it concerns this cigar -- you know what -- the way you describing the whole experience makes me want to smoke this specific cigar...on the other hand i have smoked a couple of CAOs' and i have to admit that i'm a little bit disappointed with these smokes...i think they are not made for my tastes...but anyway nice review and i'm telling you that probably i'm gonna buy that stick to see for myself how it'll go...


Hey Funnel, thanks for the reply. Yeah I have just been too busy to feel like I can do a quality review. But I have still been around Steemit.

I know what you mean! I often like to pick up a cigar and try it for myself when I see either a negative or positive review, just to see if I agree.

CAO has a couple decent cigars indeed, but I have to agree with you for the most part. At least they are reasonably priced.

Let me know how you like it if you do pick one up, I wonder if I just got a bad stick, I will try another in the future.

Cheers Funnel!

Great to see you after a long time its fantastic :D


Thanks Blazing! I appreciate you following my stuff :)

cool time spent on this cigar :)

People always tells us how to smoke.even chain smokers dont know these specifications.i appriciate your research.


Thank you :)

Hey Greg, glad to see you're back. I miss your reviews. Maybe I'll try one in a smaller ring gauge, if they have one.

Veary nice sagret
Plz follwo me

Informative post.Nice blog post with technical terms. cigar lovers surely enjoy this.