Cicada 3301 Tribute & Searching for Paths in 2018 following rabbit holes and loose ends

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Thing's get strange when your looking around. I can't really say much but this is fun informative stuff. I'm not here to try to prove anything or act like anyone. It's just a small collection on recent happenings this year mostly. I hope you all enjoy the article. I will make some more updates on Current Progress of Sevens Exposed in the future.

[The 3301 Tribute]

To start off we are just gonna see a tribute for Cicada 3301 I found and thought was cool.

Next we have this Cicada3301 Signal Code which looks really intelligent and creative.
We see these guys are trying to stop the TransHumanist Mind Control Agenda, whatever that maybe truly is. They also are currently trying to time phone hack and denounce the covenant which again I have no idea. Entertainment wise it is pretty good regardless. Moving on to more odd things, I wanted to point out some things below the video as we are starting to see patterns.

Remember the Code;
1x = Time is Random
2x= Times is a Coincidence
3x= Times is a Pattern
4x= and more Times means it is now Repeatable and Predictable...

Maybe something is hinting at June 1st or so again.

We can note that fright knight tweeted this edit of the above image.

We do seem to have an Old site connection to Current "418 Error" on

[404 - Glitched out ]
The site has been like this for a while now Not Updated - but has connections it seems.

Past couple years Cicada has been really good at predicting some events as to how or why- I have no clue.

Qanon Prophetic Drops on Cicada 3301
This is a very interesting article pointing out a Lot of things that could be taken as real. We even have the 2018 Predictions Decoded from the early images in the puzzles.


I have a feeling the audio has not decoded, needs an APP that reads visual audio.

I found this Cicada3301.ORG remake I'm guessing. For some reason a Strange Pink used , Not sure why.

We have been with this same message since 2015 to be honest in 1 way or another with "Beware false paths."


The path lies empty; epiphany seeks the devoted.

Liber Primus is the way. Its words are the map, their
meaning is the road, and their numbers are the direction.

Seek and you will be found.

Good luck.


Beware false paths. Verify OpenPGP 7A35090F.

Lets take a look at some things that bring interest before we dive into other puzzle things.

Here we see Fright Knights Total Progress up to early April decoding

There has been more solving on this part of this puzzle continued and worked on. Be sure to check out my next post trying to get caught up to current progress. Thanks for checking out this Super Cicada Mega Post! Stay tuned for more soon, Peace my friends!



Thanks again for a great post!