The Cicada 3301 and Q situation

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Looks like some of the 3301 people are starting to build a narrative of disinformation. Lets keep collecting the data.

We remebered that email from Monty about Q right? Thomas is saying he did that as a trap, sounds more like he doing anything he can to get out from under his information. We have caught him giving us bad information in the past and have done our best to collect everything. Here is a new Gift. the full email.

Kinda when I was saying there was "shady" stuff going on. I only shared the bottom part of the email. This was the whole thing that the Fox sent over to "prove" their connection to Q. That this point I figured I would be able to figure out if they were bullshitting and decided to up the stakes on the game. They could have been playing me so I decided to drop the email out and that's when these guys started their campaign against me. I guess they found out I wasn't going to be playing around anymore.

If you heard the LTV interview with "3301". This is the same Fox

To put this in perspective

She was the person who gave those Guccifer files to the Rabbit, that then turned them over the Trish and webb and created the whole Spoof Saga. I only jumped in to help her out because she was a mom and seemed to be nice. She really is nice it seems, but as we can see this "Webb" is way swampy. Figured that would help anyone looking for answers in that area.

Now Thomas is going on about how it was a setup. Really dude? We expected you to do this.

thats some holy shit, what the fuck is going on, nothing is random, future proves past type stuff

He's the one that was posting the videos and everything, passing the information around and making himself connected. It's strange he's going to just talk without really putting down evidence. He deleted most of his tweets that had him using the same video to prove they were 3301.

This is how these agents work when cornered.

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Why do you want to convince everyone of you? Continue with the things that interest you and leave Cicada 3301 for what it is. Costs too much energy.

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This is just a visual reference for you
This one is approx 6"

agent? of what?

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