Declassified CIA report proves they have been hiring pedophiles since before 1988steemCreated with Sketch.

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The people approving or disapproving the security clearances were taking issue with it. So they filled a "report" trying to white wash the hiring of pedophiles. Wonder where the NewYork times got the bullshit idea that pedophilia is a disease and not a premeditated crime of the worst nature

Quote from the bottom of page 2

"At the request of the Navy Appeals board which is sometimes required to adjudicate cases of people requiring security clearances who have histories of committing child sexual abuse"

The CIA fought tooth and nail to keep these FOIA requests from going through. They lost. I am sure there is more info #pedogate researches could use here.

The "Report"

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Important piece of OSINT. Thank you for posting.
Resharing @phibetaiota
More insane FOIA releases are on the way.
This will not go away anytime soon.

~The Management


Election reform is necessary but after reading through just a handful of the 12 million or more declassified CIA documents available on the CIA's own website..... I will be making more posts soon.

Agreed! The Dismantling of the US Intelligence network will be necessary as well.

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Everybody needs to know about this!

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