Dr. Chrono discovers how to stop human aging - A ChronoCrypto Short Story ($100 SBD Prize Inside)

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They called him Dr. Chrono because he had figured out how to stop time for the human body.

He was a medical scientist by trade and training, but his research on the aging of the human body spread across disciplines. His work trickled into nearly every medical field there was, as the passage of time affected many aspects of the human body, not just those associated with people's vanity. An aging population led to the concept getting a lot of attention in the first place, but Dr. Chrono seemed to pay it the most attention of anyone.

There was a certain jellyfish in the world that, when aged or stressed, could revert itself to an immature form. Now, Dr. Chrono hadn't quite figured out how to reverse aging, but he often cited that jellyfish as inspiration for his research. And now, here he was, with a way to halt human aging for good.

Now, this process wasn't entirely foolproof. A human could still die of outside causes or any number of things going wrong inside the body. The process simply made old age no longer a concern for those that underwent it. It was not immortality itself, merely a piece of the potential puzzle.

Aspects like that made Dr. Chrono uneasy about his discovery. Undoubtedly, the media would blow it out of proportion and declare it a cure-all for the woes of the old, which was multiple forms of untrue. There was also the issue of government regulations. Would the government attempt to control who could use the treatment and when? Would they force everyone to stop aging at a very specific point that was useful to them? Furthermore, what if someone had been forced to stop aging as, say, a child? The potential for abuse was incredible.

Dr. Chrono must have thought about the implications of his findings for weeks on end. He wasn't going to just let what he'd found sit in a lab, locked away forever. Yet, could he really release it into the world and just let the consequences come as they may? That was how releases of technology went, it seemed. Most people pretended to have not to have anticipated the consequences of a given advance when they released it and just rode high on the financial gains and fame.

Dr. Chrono wasn't in the science game for fortune and fame. Sure, he wanted to find something incredible, much like anyone else did, but he genuinely wanted to motivate a change of life for humanity. He was a rare sort in his genuine desire to help, but he was smarter than to just help blindly, without thinking of consequences. If he released his discovery to the public, could he really be sure that the good justified the potential bad?

And yet, the idea of having this discovery sit in his files for all eternity unsettled him. It was that primal drive to ensure a legacy kicking in, for sure. The good possibilities had to balance out the bad possibilities. That had to be the case. He felt like, for once, he had to trust humanity to make proper use of something big and important that could change the face of life on Earth. Could they be trusted? Was this project too big to hide?

Dr. Chrono's hands were shaking as he prepared an official report of his findings for the world. There would be a great cascade of effects from here, but he felt this was the thing to do (not necessarily the right thing to do, but the only thing). It was time for the Age Without Aging.

Thank you for taking the time to read Dr. Chrono discovers how to stop human aging - A ChronoCrypto Short Story, Below are a couple of announcements and some audiobooks for you too listen.

Flash Dystopian Fiction 500 ($100 SBD Prize)


Do you have what it takes to write the best flash dystopian fiction we’ve ever seen on steemit?

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Word count: 500 words, excluding the title, per story.

Anyone on steemit is eligible to enter


Entries will be read my self and 2 other people...which I still need to find btw.


You will be posting your story on your blog with #chronocrypto-dystopian, which we will than have a look at that hashtag.

Length of contest:

This Contest will run for a whole week so you have enough time to Think Write Work.

You may submit as many times as you’d like during the contest period. All entries must be accompanied by the corresponding fee of 2 SBD, This is due to help out with the process of vetting and reading hopefully many many stories.

Send Memo with 2 SBD plus your link with #chronocrypto-dystopian in quotations in the memo.

Honorary Submissions will be created into an AudioBook and the proceeds of the Post will be sent to the Authors.


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Do you have what it takes to write the best flash dystopian fiction we’ve ever seen on steemit?

Contest will End when this pays out plus another week to review all submissions.

Do you have any questions regarding this contest? See Below information.


Dystopian Futures - Discord Group

This post is due to many people wanting to Create the voice files for The Short Stories I create which revolves on Dystopian Futures, Humanity and many other ideas. This is the Discord group keep in mind it is still in RAW format.

Dystopian Futures - Discord Group


I am looking for voice talent see post below for more details.

I would like to make some AudioBooks out of them, I am looking for people who are very great at reading with personality and are able to give the listener a sense of being part of the book.


I am not looking for experienced Voice Over talent I am looking for Steemians that are English speakers, character actor and improv artist. A smooth, professional and polished vocal style. That are capable of delivering recorded material to me in mp3, m4a, wav, or aiff formats.

If you are able and willing to provide I will pay 5 SBD per AudioClip of the story done, please keep in mind the Stories are very unique and should require a unique voice. They are between 500-800 words, I currently have about a dozen short stores on steemit and will continue to write more, thus give more opportunities to people that want to earn and help out.

Some things I am looking for

  • Voice must be dark, with emotion
  • Must understand this is a dystopian setting
  • Able to make the listener be part of the story
  • Above 55 Rep just means you know how to get around here and you are somewhat active.

If you have not yet read some of my stories please have a look below.
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Technology and its upcoming dystopian effects.
Robot Equality - Is it here?
Beta JR World's AI Server(Fiction/Non-Fiction)
Clone A-2 (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

In order to be a good fit please read some of these stories to get a feel of how they should engulf the listener.

If you are interested in doing this small project with me and earn some SBD and of course your name as the narrator please contact me on Discord name chronocrypto. Hopefully we can get a wide variety of voices for the project.

The piece will be read in addition to this introduction.

[Title]Written by: @chronocrypto[Narrator]

The Audio files will be uploaded on soundcloud and posted on steemit by @chronocrypto, you will send me the audio clip through Discord, so that everyone can listen to the stories.


Finished AudioBooks


Please Like and Follow if you like my work, Also a big thank you to @voraces and @avesa for the voices.


This was fantastic.
Deserves more organic votes.
(btw...i rarely ever comment, so for real...great job)

Coming from you, means a lot especially since you rarely comment.

I am glad you enjoyed it, I hope you had a chance to read or even listen to the past stories.

I hate using bots to get my stories views, but yet here we are.

This was the first story of yours I've ever seen.
Looking forward to checking out the others.
Btw...don't hate the bots...without them it's a good chance I wouldn't have found you...and it got you a new follower too.
This is the type of content worth marketing.

Great words thank you
God will not injustice anyone .. Life is fair and everyone has a chance
One has to have the will to succeed whatever the circumstances..

Nice post

Okay so I read your whole post. And was amazed. I thought this was non-fiction lol. I thought Dr. Crono was someone like Nikola Tesla or Einstein. I feel very fooled and silly right now! Nevertheless, this is really interesting the aspect of anti-aging. This character would describe how the actual person who possibly would develop this cure would be, as you said developing it for the good of people and not for fame and fortune. The audiobook for some reason will not load on my phone, but I'm amazed at the amount of effort you put into this. People who sacrifice their time and effort for noble pursuits will always be happier and successful in the long run.

Damn, good point

That is false....I sacrifice my time and effort for the noble pursuit of watching porn and I am not becoming happier of successful

Reading indulges the mind

Yeah, it awakens the magical feeling of sleep.

Nice post!

Good article, respect


Very cool. On a serious note we should really figure out a way to stop aging.

I thought it was for real initially. I am a fool. I read till the end though. I can't write like that.. I admire those who could, like yourself.. Well done

You are not a fool, I tend to be creative with Dystopian, Cyberpunk Stories and can easily weave them into a coherent plot. I am glad you thought it was non-fiction.

This is really nice. I don't know how to tell stories, but I always appreciate those who are very good in writing. For once, I thought it was a real story. I salute your creativity

The title def caught my eye, good work

I am guessing you are going to enter than?

This is great. If aging could be properly delayed At last, the achievement would be enormeous, since at current pace time is passing by so fast that is hard to actualy enjoy it, it would be great if we could extend our life just a little bit more.

Thanks for sharing a great post.

I like it

I liked it

Better to donate people than upvoting bots. Bravo!

I adore your thought and the story u composed previously. I am a maker and producer myself. I been attempting to make sense of how this stage can help movie producers and your post gave me a few thoughts. In any case .. I will endeavor to partake in your challenge. I have additionally educated a portion of my companions on steemit who composes story....I am eager to perceive how for reasons unknown turns out . I have my own particular creation house n all ..so on the off chance that you require any assistance let me know.
Thank you:-)

Awessome storyline..... I especially love the idea behind this; it's a thumbs up from me

Why thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Did you get a chance to listen to the audiobooks?

Can the story be longer/shorter than 500 words, or must it be exactly that? If longer/shorter is allowed, how much longer/shorter can it be?

i love your idea and the story u wrote above. I am a producer and film maker myself. I been trying to figure out how this platform can help film makers and your post gave me some ideas. Anyway .. I will try to participate in your contest. I have also informed some of my friends on steemit who writes story....I am excited to see how it turns out . I have my own production house n all ..so if you need any help let me know.. :) ... all the best !!!

was I the only one who felt this was some real discovery only to discover differently.. nice one there

Cool competition

Chic article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Well glad you got screwed up my me, I guess.

Okay, I would have a 55 plus rep but I hopped from profile @orbitdrop @vandalizmrecordz to my new one because I had to get away from an old business partner. I do however want to do your voice reading and think I am a good fit for it. If you would like to see if you agree my music is on my profile.

thee story of doctor chrono, was awesome! I love short stories like thaat...

You have amazing abilities, have rare rhetoric that many people have. So the story that is made really bewitched the reader. @chronocrypto

Hey @, great post! GOOD
I enjoy your content Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see nice content on Steemit! :)

Hey @, great post! GOOD
I enjoy your content Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see nice content on Steemit! :)

How earn $100 sbd. Plz tell me system.

Wow dr chrono has made a huge discovery for mankind. But This could result in overpopulation. Yoor experiment on jellyfish is just amazing. Wish you a great success in this experiment. But you should keep in mind about the increase in population of mankind. At last congrats for your hard work and all of your focus on this experiment.

The fictional story very important and usefull for imaging.

thank you for information, very nice

Thanks @chronocrypto I have not written dystopian at all, but a writer should stretch, I think. I will write a short story, appreciate the contest!

wow good narration voice. At first I thought Dr. Chrono is a real person haha.

LOL a bit? - He could of at least commented on the post first and then asked politely - even then a single link would be pushing it. Screw this guy. What a cock.

hello @chronocrypto ,
Really very awesome post. my husband and i are new born in steem.
We love cosmology and want to know how is this world created?
On be half of Einstein :
The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
Good luck.

Good post. 100 % my vote for this post.

Human being is unstoppable.. Can't wait to see how this amazing idea changes life in the future.. tks #chronocrypto for ur findings

Great Article.. But what I am thinking, there is no way to regain your age back. Everything has a time limit and it will work till it's time. I heard about the famous dancer Michael Jackson, who kept alternative for all his organs by keeping donors and was following a list of doctors advises in order to live for 150years but even after that he didn't servive..

This is a Dystopian Short Story, not meant to be taken seriously.

What is Dystopian?

so nice i love this post

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I have no money for investment on steemit.below my steemit post please give me a vote on post. please brother.

You got a 7.25% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @fahimgazi!

Ow,great story.......

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can i whrite in german. Is a cool Blog

Al leer la historia del Dr. Chrono me sentí atrapada por la historia, es increíble las emociones que ocasionan un buen relato en un lector, quisiera tener la pericia para escribir un texto con esos elementos tan codiciados por los amantes de este genero de la narración.

Sorry don't understand.

I hope you liked it though.

I like the post .you are working very hard. And you are share good information. Thanks for shearing.

Yes very much good information, only that it was a story.


Really Good Story sir thanks for share

Thank you for sharing .I like your article.amazing

Thank you for sharing, I like your writing style. Your short story dilemma is very interesting and makes me think of a novel I read not long time ago: The Immortals from Barjavel.
A scientist discovers a virus which makes humans immortal. Is it for the greater good or a big threat for humanity... I let you read the book @chronocrypto ;)

That sounds like a splened book, I must read it than.

Thank you for the kind words.
Have you had a chance to read my past stories, or listened to the audiobook version of them? They came out really great.

Not yet, I'm very new on steemit. I will check for sure, especially the audiobook.

Very good idea, audio books are comfortable :)

This is nice idea! :)

Great work it appears so real with such passion, if it hadn't have said contest I would have thouth this as real. Excellent writing ability, all the best! 💯🐒

he is a great person.
We can learn a lot from his life. This is a great example for all of us.

he is a great person.
We can learn a lot from his life. This is a great example for all of us.

Wish I have SBD. I would have gladly entered this contest.

You can still create a story and I might read it and give it a vote.

OK. Thank you sir.

GOOD ... .^^.

What an amazing thing to do to think about the possible outcomes of technology on our world.

Fiction is a genre that makes us expand our thought of what may or may not become real, till one day, i turns out to come into existence.

Great narrative too. I'll definately read more from you.

i can't think about it. Will it work??

Stories of the Fountain of Youth

are based on facts, no matter how slim. ;) Thanks for the story...

This is very interesting, considering the fact that I don't want to get old. Can't wait for this great discovery to start affecting life.

.. This is a fictional story.

you know what. I actually like surprice in life. include dead. It's most high level in scientist

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Nice post,,,,

Good story! Actually my work does have something to do with human aging hhhh

Crear post

Sir, i"ll give you respect.I want more article like this. Please post again. @chronocrypto

Goodness me! For a moment I thought I was reading a fictional article as you held me spellbound. Good [email protected].

Great competition @chronocrypto I love a good creative writing competition. Not sure my entries are anywhere near the calibre of the other entrants, but I couldn't resist giving it a shot. I've had bees and Trump on my mind lately, so naturally, that's what I ended up writing for my first entry and my second entry revolves around artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Waah Bhae Kiay Baat Kardi Hay Tumna Jani, Bhae Bus End Kardiya Tum Na Toh xD...Baaoo Rami Raja Jee Baaoo Rami :)

I definitely want to try out for doing voicework for your audio stories!

Sure, did you get a chance to listen to the completed audibooks to see if its a right fit?

very nice inspiring good job ,thanks for sharing

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did you find your vocal sir??

Well guessing by the question, you didn't get to listen to the completed ones.

@chronocrypto have the winners been chosen for this contest yet? My feed gets so crowded it can be hard to keep up-to-date.

You will know on Friday. :)

Beautiful. I look forward to seeing who won, there were some serious quality entries.

very steady, a very good post, incredible fellow steemania

Postingannya sangat bermamfaat.

I am glad to know you.Dr chrono, a scientist at your post is amazing.do a beautiful jellyfish research in life.how to enter the contest. Thanks you

It is really amused me

Great one. I love how it lacks any kind of action, but is still full of tension. One question, though: who are "they" that called him Dr. Chrono? Wasn't his research still largely unknown at that point?

amazing story and the way you write it

oke..i get it.. 👍

trust in humanity? it's a very delicate question to analyze
Trust in humanity is not the future, it is in the present that is responsible for demonstrating that what human beings are capable of doing with a discovery like this.
In our life there are clear examples of how it is that what humanity can do in situations like this. When we have entrusted a secret to a family member and then that person to bother ends up telling everything.
For my part, I put my grain of sand, I act with a law "Do not do to others what I do not like to be done". Great Job with this distopian fiction and sorry for any mistake (my natal languages is spanish)

Excelente concurso para ejercitar la creatividad literaria en un campo de la narrativa tan interesante como es la ficcion. Espero que muchos se animen a participar y suerte al ganador!!

Thanks for sharing a great post !

For sure I can't over there. Because I never know what it was?

Dr. Chrono must have thought about the implications of his findings for weeks on end. I wasn't going to let what I found sit in a lab, locked up forever. However, could you really release him into the world and let the consequences come as they may? That's how the versions of the technology appeared, apparently. Most people pretended not to have anticipated the consequences of a given breakthrough when they launched it and only took advantage of the financial gains and fame.

Scientists are people so intelligent and with so many ideas that maybe the real world can overwhelm them, how many formulas will remain secret in the laboratories? maybe fear, conflict of interest and who knows what else might influence the decisions to keep some fantastic discoveries under lock and key, this reading blew my mind! Thank you very much. Happy night.

I am extremely glad you enjoyed this short story have you had a chance to read the past stories?

I think I read some last week or maybe the week before, time goes by so fast that I lose the notion, thanks for sharing.

Wonderful! If I had the reputation, I’d apply for your voice over offer. Alas, I am a brand new Steemian...
Oh well... perhaps later.

Famous medical scientist. very inspired @chronocrypto

too many hype in this post

People do crazy things to look young but it was on early stage so what ever you do it means you taking a big risk. Read link here I attached

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