#CHRONIKnCOFFEE @rebeccaryan interview

I had the pleasure of speaking with cannabis coach and educator Rebecca Ryan in this interview.
She is a long time steemer, professional massage therapist and well rooted in the struggle to end prohibition of the beautiful plant most of us consider medicine.
We had a nice long conversation that I rarely have on the air due to time constrictions and consideration for other guests. We recorded this the day before the scheduled air date due to time zone issues being what they are. Unfortunately, the show didn't make it out of the starting gate do to technical issues. Please enjoy listening to this sharing and excuse our absence last night. These things too, shall pass.


Do to the issues I encountered last night, I was unable to fulfill the mission that I had layed out.
I also feel like I failed a whole community, MSP Waves Radio, my guests and the team that help me build this show every week. I AM deeply sorry that my lack of planning led to me being unable to meet my obligations to all of these people I mentioned. I ask for forgiveness and hope you all will allow me to bring you the show next week.

I wanted to share my fundraiser post last night with everyone . I was moved to help raise some support for a fellow dj's fundraiser and have a nice donation in the next few days to contribute. Every cent, sp, or steem from the below post will be given to @familyprotection on the day of payout.
If you have already helped , thank you.
If you can help, please do.






lemon haze :-) that must taste lovely. What a changes are coming in Canada! Are there any investing possibillitys?

Yes. There are many stocks being traded now on the Toronto Stock exchange that belong to large corporations that the government is propping up as they try to create a monopoly and secure production rights. Huge amount of palm greasing and backroom deals going on. It's very shady...I will not touch it.
I think there's more bang for your buck in alternative crypto-coins.

I agree. Every little bit helps.
We may never know.
Even though the sound is not great.
Carefully listening can help out with the sound.
Thank you


Well, lets see if we can raise a little $ for @familyprotection so we can stop children being taken from their parents over the use of a HERB shall we?

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