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4/8/2020 Show

In this first episode we spoke with @jonyoudyer and @hashkings about their current plans and vision for steem .
Please show your support for these 2 as they have committed to making steem better by creating witnesses.
@canna-witness Ran by Jon who is Co-Founder of Canna Curate. He is a longtime cannabis user and proponent as well as dedicated to helping Cannabis content get the support it needs here on the steem blockchain and beyond.
@hashkings Ran by the founder of Hashkings @qwoyn is a developer who has spent a long time getting his product Hashkings into a working blockchain game here on steem. He is looking to help keep the chain stable for his game and it's users by being a witness.


We have started a witness forum on Green House Radio in the Canna Curate Discord every Monday at 7pm PST. This forum provides and opportunity for witnesses to come together and discuss the future of STEEM.

Please pass this on to any other current STEEM witnesses running 22.5 or above.

Steem users are welcome to attend

Current GHRO weekly schedule

25/7 Earfood RADIO ECLECTIC with @mondoshawan

Sunday ROACH SUNDAY with @queenofsmoke 2PM PST

Tuesday 2FER 2SDAY with @queenofsmoke 2PM PST

Wednesday CHRONIC & CRYPTO with @frankwhite 7PM AZT

Thursday THE WEEKLY ROLLUP with @mraggaj at 6PM PST

Thursday The Jon and Blunt Show with @jonyoudyer & @bluntsmasha at 7PM PST

Friday FRIED RADIO with the founder of @hashkings aka @qwoyn at 5:30PM PST

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