Scroll To Top Button v9.0.0 SSV

Breaking changes*

  • When upgrading from version 8 or earlier, an on-demand button mode (see advanced button modes in Options) is enforced.

(Go to Options to switch back to an always-on button.)


  • No more required permissions upon installation!

    Based on feedback from a Firefox user.

  • Button modes: an on-demand button and an extension icon as a button (see basic button modes in Options).

    Extension icon as a button idea by Murat Karayel (via Facebook) and Mike Glenn (via email).


  • In Options, a confirmation window is now shown before the extension gets reloaded.


  • In Firefox, the Options page now gets open in a new tab.

* Dear Scroll To Top Button user,

To give all users a choice of improved security, we made the following changes to the way the extension works:

To install, it now does not need any permissions.

For existing users, unfortunately, there was no way for us to keep the permissions you had granted upon the installation.
To restore how it used to work, please enable the expert button modes in Options.

Or, you can give a try to the new basic and advanced button modes, which work without any permissions.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.
Your trust and support have always been paramount to us.

Technical details of the changes:

developer of Scroll To Top Button

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