Mickey ChristmasTwist Late night

in christmastwist •  last year

I'm joining a contest from lovely @jacinta.sevilla !! I noticed my friends are entering as well so here i goooo

Here my entry , featured mikey mouse the legend cartoon character who people adore of. His story in this art piece is snacking during the late night of Christmas XD. Why? this is because my idea represent me, i like to have my midnight snacking too hahah and also its follow the themed for my birthday! In May : chocolate. Yummy!

Mickey late night Christmas twist : Chocolate

Thank you for hosting the contest btw! Hope i could at least got good feedback and maybe yknow can win something XD

here are the process of making this art with gif!

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Cute work..i love it :)





thankz sir!

I'm seeing a lot of good Mickey Mouses from #teammalaysia. Great work on the drawing and gif. If I enter the contest, Thunderbird will wrestle Mickey Mouse for those candy bars!


yes! hahah that would be great idea!

I love this :D wowww brilliant :D


thankz! :3