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We decided to not give actual physical gifts this year to the grands. Instead, because travel broadens their minds and help them to be more creative, we decided to give Christmas Adventures. To help them remember the trip, we made ornaments that represented the travel.



Grand George the Fourth was taken Christmas light looking; GG will be getting a tour of the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile; Grand George the First will be taken to two tri-state markers.



We have two other Grands in Texas and we are working out details with their parents. Hoping to figure it out before we head down there in Spring.



As we have gotten older, Scott and I have found the best gift for our friends and family is time with a little handmade trinket so they have something to remember the time spent together. This is our goal for 2020, spent quality time doing adventures with our friends and family. We are only a short time so we need to remember to do what enhances our time here with those we are given.




Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!

Thank you @penderis for this artwork!

Thank you @enginewitty for this artwork!

Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!

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I really admire your initiative!

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Thank you. We needed to change a few things and the way we spoiled our grands was one of them.

Aawww Merry Christmas Scott & Ren!!!😊🎄✨

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Thank you so much. I hope your holiday was wonderful.

Yeah Ren & Scott, our time is our best gift to others but those others must appreciate it. I try to spend it wisely although I sometimes fail but it’s definitely worth to give it to those deserving.
I hope that you’re having a nice Christmas time, my best wishes for you and your beloved ones.
Love and hugs ❤️

Our Tulsa Grands don't get to travel at all so they are always excited about the going. They seem to open up and love to talk. It's a great time.

Hope you have a lovely celebration! What a super lovely idea indeed! :) Happy New Year!!!

With necessity there is creativity for sure.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
upvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Great you blogged about these special days

It was a necessity. There are so many that cannot afford the traditional gifts and they need encouragement.

What a fantastic idea! Those adventure sound like a lot of fun, and good quality-time spent with the little darlings! BRAVO! 😃

Oddly enough, just last night, I happened to go to a place that had trees that looked like the ones in your first photo, different colors of lights, and all trees close together!

GG4 loves light. The only thing that would have been better was to have it tuned to music.

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