Christmas no longer cancelled!

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So, earlier this year me and my boyfriend were planning a Christmas getaway instead of having a tree, and all the decorations. We were thinking of an Asian cruise, or a shopping and eating trip to Singapore. We decided on Singapore (my choice), his was a blockchain cruise since he's a huge fan of John McAfee (who would be speaking on the cruise).


Xmas 2014 with my family, (@gerel)

So, a week before we got it all planned out I was speaking to @bonjovey and she brought up needing to renew her passport. This made me realize that since my passport was due to expire in April, I would not be able to make this trip. Living in the Philippines is great for many reasons, and I wont speak badly on here; But wow. What total crap! What is the point of having a 5-year passport, if they make you renew it at 4 1/2? And of course, there exists no rush service to get my passport quicker through an agency.

So, I will be heading to my hometown of Guiuan in Eastern Samar to see my 4 brothers 1 of 2 sisters, my Nana and Mother. Leaving my boyfriend at home to catsit :P


My hyper minions

I do absolutely love my family, and am super proud of where I come from- However, living in the comforts of a city for so long has me super spoiled. If you saw me packing for this trip, you would think I am relocating abroad. Haha! I am even bringing our spare coffee maker and grinder :P


-No Starbucks in my province :( -

Last minute traveling can be super exciting, yet super stressful. I hope you all have your Christmas plans squared away! How many of you are lucky enough to see the snow on December 25th?




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That's to bad you can't go on your trip, but it is always great to see family. You family all look beautiful.


Yeah, still a good Christmas. How about you? Are you going anywhere this holiday?


No, I am staying home. My daughter just moved into a new house in Portland, Oregon so I am going there at the end of January. Can you believe the price of Steem and SBD, crazy?!

Hello My dear friend @purepinay, how are you? I hope you are fine.
your trip to outside country cancelled due to your expiry date on passport. so you enjoy ith your family. that's awsome to celebrate this festival with your loving family.
All the picture are nice. memmorable picture with your family during Xmass 2014.
my best wishes always for you dear.
Advance "Merry Christmass"


it's okay, at least I get to see my family this year, it's been two years I missed Xmas with them.

thank you, how about you what are your plans for Christmas?


I am fine and life is going well.
sory dear @purepinay in muslim countries no concept of christmas, there seems to be that festival is only for non muslims. but i realy enjoyed to see this festival specialy various type of decorations and the most impressive "santa clause". very amazing festival i realy love it.


Happy to know that. I understand, of course you also have a famous festival in your religion.
I am not religious though but I love Christmas too! :)


yes @purepinay, you are right, muslims have many famous festivals like Eid ul fiter, Eid ul azha, Hajj are major. i also have not so much religious thoughts, i just like hummanity. i feel happiness to see anyone happy. keep smiling.

Enjoy sis with your family.
Your the best gift for them:)
Ok lang waley starbucks, kapeng barko mas masarap hihi
Have a great time, so happy for you.

kala ko 10 years na ang renewal sa pinas :(:(


thank you sis, just packed one suit case and another one to go, *sigh hirap maging babae! bringing my whole wardrobe haha

kamusta naman ang holiday jan? padala ka nga ng snow dito ^_-

my old one, sis is 5 years, yung new one is 10 years :)

Miss you, will start packing more stuff in a bit, after steemit time... ^_-



hahaha pede ka hiram kay @gerel keribels na yan:)
waley, compare naman sakin haha 1 packback lang dala ko last summer
for 4 weeks ofw ang peg napag kasya ang mga damit haha wash and wear.

basta may wifi ok na yan, para maka steemit ka:)
post mo si mama at Nana:) nakuuuu dapat may pasalubong ka kay Nana:):)
oi wag ka magbasak ng eggshells ah, hahaa naalala ko nong last na umuwi ka haha

oks lang d2 sis mas malamig ngayon ksa kahapon.
send na lang ako sau pag may natira hehehe

have a safe trip. Enjoy lang!
miss u too loveyeah girl!!! xoxo


At grabe! Ikaw na haha kaya ko cguro isang backpack I need to go shopping when I get to my destination haha


hahha panalo to sis hahaha
1 packback 4 weeks bilang ang damit at panty ni lola haha
wash and wear daling mamili ng damit haha


Am at the airport now, good luck naman sa connection, dito pa Lang pano pa kaya pag dating ko dun haha, kailangan bumili ng "patience" haha


stay safe enjoy na lang dyan sis. take care
god bless lovyeah


Puro kay Nana nga pasalubong ko haha, mas madali magbili kay isang size lang haha..

May sakit pa yung Mama ko, kakalabas lang din ng hospital, bakit pag umuuwi ako laging may sakit sa family.

Boarding na plane haha.. talk soon sis. Love you!


take care sis. have a good time.
saya ni nana ur backkkk!
recruit mo sa steemit sis hehe


Hello sis, got here in Leyte last night, am with @gerel and my little brother. They're pick me up and will leave few hours to get to our hometown. :)

Haha Hindi nga marunong gumamit ng phone si Nana!

Hope everything is well without and your family, talk soon!



enjoy enjoy! glad you are safe.
Have a wonderful time with them.
Baka naman iphone binili mo kay NAna lols

all is well here, cold -10 brrrrr not bad compared few years back.

Talk 2 u soon xoxo

Hello beautiful @purepinay , I'm so glad your Christmas has found this incredibly happy twist.

I hope you have all your loved ones
Together and that you have a fabulous festive day. I hope we can see some more images if this special moment in this year.

I hope to speak to you soon! A big hug,


Hi, Elena!
A happy twist indeed

Haven't seen them in almost a year. Will definitely take a bunch of photos and spend some quality time with them.

How about you? Where are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?


I will be in Germany with my family. I'm flying there in this very moment.

I spent the preparation of Christmas in New York and took some great pictures - have a look at my blog if you find the time.

Do you have any Christmas traditions or will you introduce a new one? We always eat carp. It's literally the only moment in the year, when we get to have this special fish.

What are your traditions, @purepinay ?


Ha ha ha , I have passport problems too, just wanted to get my millions from steemit on my bank as the service asked for my passport yesterday, and I saw that it was expired 5 years ago :)

Merry christmas ganda😍😇😊


thank you, ganda! Merry super Christmas to you! Kisses!


Thank you ganda😘😍

Merry Christmas po. I am sure you'll have plenty of other opportunity to travel (like you always do). Will be nice to spend Christmas with your folks this year. :-)


you are right, next Christmas I should get to experience snow ^_-

Thank you, Merry Xmas in advance!


Thanks to our partner, the best days of your life and family
I am happy for you, but it is moments at the top of magnificence and falsehood
This is the basis of life
I appreciate your feeling. @purepinay


Thank you, @faissalchahid ❤️


you are welcome
Enjoy the family
The basis of life
And welcome to my page I hope you like it

I hate passports and visas
I wish you happiness ;)


Me too! Haha
Do you travel often?
Thank you! That's sweet of you. Have a wonderful holiday 😘

Nothing really beats spending Christmas with your family and finally be at home. ❤ Ako nga din, passport ko is about to expire and di ko talaga keri yung services sa DFA kasi pa.unahan ng slot. Eh baka full na yung slot dito sa Cebu, kaya no travel nlng muna :(( 💔 But at least, you could spend more time with your family and loved ones! :) Nice blogs by the way and you are really successful here in steemit. @sunnylife sent me here pala hehehe :D I just joined Steemit a week ago and I would love to get great tips from you! :)) Merry Christmas in advance and God bless po always! ☺


Hi, @yushaina! Welcome to Steemit!

Glad you finally joined us :)

About the passport stuff I'll set that one aside for now, spending with my family is a precious thing. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

@sunnylife is a true friend, am glad you know each other. Just have fun here, and start engaging more with steemians. 😉

Did you know you can even reply on other people's comment? You'll get a chance to get notice. It worked for me when I was only starting. Get active on comments. Few of my tricks 😉



Merry Christmas! ❤️

Yeah, trips are not everything. After some extensive traveling, I found spending time with your family to be one of the most worthwhile ways to spend Christmas and time generally, so you shouldn't be disappointed, that you weren't able to got on your trip - you should be happy, that you have this family and that you can connect with it during Christmas :) Wish you all the best, great pictures by the way!

Yey!! See you in a bit Ate @purepinay... Have a safe trip.


Upay nakaka connect ka internet, ada ka balay?


Pakauna man san iyo handa sa pasko :)

you have such a beautiful family :) have fun and those starbucks look amazing. im still dying for you to listen to one of my songs. i have two uploaded on my page id love for you to listen:))))) i know you vote on themm and i appreciate that so much ! i just want you to hear it lol let me know what you think. what kind of music do you like???


Thank you, @stevenalexander! :)

I tried to play the video few minutes ago, sadly am on my mobile data and am traveling , the buffer takes forever. :( I'll try to watch it when I get better internet connection.

I like a lot of music but I love country music. ☺️


Ohhhh no worries lol that happens to me sometimes and it’s the worst . Yes please do :) I’m excited to show you. And hmm country ? Thats pretty cool 😎 lol. Do u like indie music ?


I love all good original music 😉, sometimes I can't tell the difference between country musical with Indie lol




Spend quality time with your family. Family time is the best time @purepinay


Thank you, @jackorobin ❤️🎄🎉


hi how are you dear? Really, it is always great to see family. You family all look beautiful..Advance "Merry Christmass" you & your family.

It's always great to be with the family wherever you are, whatever you are. X-Mas Time with Family gathering means Double Bonanza. Wish you all the luck in the coming year dear @purepinay.

this the best holiday spending time to the family is the best of the best treasure of our lives...thanks for sharing @purepinay

upvoted and resteem your awesome it..


Thank you, friend! Merry Christmas! More rewards to all of us! 😉

My brother has the same problem right now, so he is not able to visit me this Christmas while he promised to be here :( But it is also nice that you can celebrate it with family! Advanced Merry Christmas 🎄



Am sorry to know that, where's he from?

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Advance Merry Christmas to you too!



Thank you! He is from the Netherlands lands, but living in Cebu. He went to Kuala lumpur nd could not fly back anymore because of his passport. But I am sure we will both have a nice Christmas :)


have the perfect xmas :)


Aw! Thank you for the lovely thought. You too, @pennystockhelp! ☺️

Hello dear purepinay, try to be cool.Hope next year you will travel with your family. I read your whole post and feeling sorrow for you. I live in alone also from family. Anyhow merry christmas and happy new year my friend. Wishing you all the best.


Thank you,dear! Merry Christmas to you and your family ❤️

That was a great plan to cruise in Singapore but Christmas is one of other best moment, you need to deserve Christmas @purepinay


Thank you, that's really sweet of you! Merry Christmas to you and your love ones!

Nice family! Happy Christmas!

Salamat at nakarating ka na sa inyo ng safe pretty, have a nice Christmas with them. nakakagigil din tong online appointment kay wala ng slots pa march. hahai pero okz lang yan. enjoy your Christmas with your family pretty ingatz ka lageh ,^_
We miss you


Thank you, pretty!
Yung akin walang pag asa, laging full slots haha
Keri lang, pasko man ahaha

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Miss you

Great article have a great christmas

Hope you have a very safe trip and may the christmas spirit follow you where ever you go have fun!!


Thank you, friend! 😘

nice... merry christmas...!!!


Thank you, merry Christmas to you also!

wow, are you sure you not gonna leave your boyfriend for someone else?
anyways do have a splendid christmas celebration.


Nahh, my boyfriend is the best of the best and the awesomest! 😉

Thank you,dear! Enjoy your holiday too


thank you dear, am so glad your boyfriend is awesome, so you have to reciprocate that to him, hold him tight dear

Photo s looking very beautiful. Marry Christmas. Resteem post.


thank you ^_- enjoy your holiday!


Never a bad decision to be with family during the holidays. Have fun and enjoy the Yuletide season. 😊


You're right. Who are you celebrating with this Christmas? I wish you a wonderful holiday!


My husband, my 2kids and our dog Chase. All of whom are soooo excited for the Christmas morning to open their gifts. We might just visit friends and families nearby. I hope the weather won't get too bad.

happy to see ..the awesomee photo...their you are in.....
happy christmas....

love to read your post....

oh. passport thing sux, but good plan.. gotta have the coffee!! :P


Gotta have coffee 😉 merry Christmas! 🎄🎉

hi @purepinay,,nice post,,its ok,,,still you are in family bonding,looks happy family,;-)

All the best for your trip. Stay safe and enjoy a lot. keep sharing @purepinay enjoy with family alway gives pleasure

Safe journey and enjoy your Christmas...

very beautifully decoration ,and God bless you for your wishes

It's gonna be okay. Youll be spending christmas with your family this year. Im pretty sure when you stepped on your province youll realized how you missed them dearly. Just apply for the passport and enjoy the holidays! For sure youll have more time with your boyfriend soon. Merry chirstmas my dear!

My heart! ❤
You're very lucky. In my case I have to celebrate holiday just with my son. My relatives lives very far and some are out of the country.
But for the good spirit of celebration, I'll try to still make the most of the days :)

Happy holidays to you and your family. :)❤

Merry Christmass
My dear friend @purepinay,
Enjoy the day with your family members.

Its ok, Everyone is spoiled in his own way
Glad you got to hang out with you family!

First time to be in a cold country last year and a snow ❄️ when I went to visit th BF in Denmark 🇩🇰 This time, it’s his time to experience how we celebrate Christmas 🎄

We were in Singapore 🇸🇬 2 weeks ago. It’s really beautiful there but expensive 😂

Happy Holidays @purepinay

Cheers 🍻

Too bad you can't travel abroad but the positive side is that you'll be able to celebrate Christmas with your family :) and I think airports have more delayed flights this time of year because of the holidays so you're still lucky hehe

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this is great,Merry Christmas to you, the most beautiful girl in the steemit world,@purepinay

thanks for sharing this, i love your photos and i'm so happy that you and your lucky b.f planing to have some fun on this holiday season..
we are so happy for you both...

take care always


good for you @purepinay..

spending this holiday with friends and love ones are the most grateful moment to the family..

Upvoted Dear, and i resteem your post for my support ,to the very pretty girl on steemit..^_^

I hope to get to a point in Steem where I can not have to worry about things so much anymore. I'm trying and it's coming along slowly, but it sure will be nice to finally be out of debt.

nice happy holidays =D

Wow! Your so lovely duagther siblings and gf..

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thanks for the upvote, am casting my vote for a witness now =)

Wish you a merrier Christmas gil! I am sure you will. I wish you more blessings in life cause you are such a blessing to everyone! ^___^

If you saw me packing for this trip, you would think I am relocating abroad. Haha!

@purepinay,I know the feeling when you have long anticipated something. i'm sure you would enjoy your 25th of December with your family. .Have a lovely Christmas ahead.


Singapore is nice.Well you always wadering country to country. I think u should come india also dear. Ok well u will enjoy a lot but dont forget me lol Cheers.@purepinay

Wonderful and impressive photography... well you should be delighted that you are going to enjoy christmas eve with your family because this eve comes after one year so keep on enjoying best wishes
Happy christmas in advance dear @purepinay

I hope you to get great experience in your tour plan. :-)
Have a good day also today.
I upvote you.!

I hope all of us will get a chance to celebrate Christmas day.....

@purepinay... a very sweet family...

its also okay to experience Christmas in another way as long as with your family...@purepinay.. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Merry Christmas

Hope you and family have a warm xmas eve :D

lovely chrismas photography friend @purepinay

Merry Xmas. We got Snow a couple of weeks ago...

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happy christmas......
have a nice travel....


wishing you happy christmas mam. to you and yourfamily


Thank you, dear! You too, Merry Christmas! Any exciting plans for this holiday?

Have safe trip. Enjoy with your family.


Thank you 😘

Everyone looking so cute @purepinay.

You are such a lovely family))!

Merry christmass to u
Plz follow me back nd introdyce me to your friends plz 😁

Dear.. @purepinay,, Really very sad is the matter.You have not been able to celebrate Christmas with your family for two years. . Dont be upset... i pray for you,,The next year will be the best Christmas in your life. . merry chritsmas

Cool.. family all look beautiful

Beautiful happy family photo.
"Merry Christmas"
giphy-downsized (44).gif

I know,it's a really happy family.
giphy-downsized (21).gif

yeah.. what is the point of having a 5 years passport! !! 😂 U right !

I can see you really enjoying your holiday with your family and upcoming travel..

always take care ♡♡♡..