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Hi guys, in the spirit of celebration and holidays let me wish you a Merry Christmas. Wow wow today is the last day of 2018 and I can't help but be thankful of everything that came with it. True I had my ups and downs just like most people but like they say it's not a sin falling rather remaining there. So for everything and the lovely people that came my way I'm thankful.

This is one year alotta disaster took place(s) from military to environmental to political you name it. In Nigeria alone, the rate of murder and social vices that took place in certain parts of the country is something we wish never to see again. I know my friends in India, Russia etc weren't left out on their challenges too. But lastly we will always base our emphasis on one thing life cos sofar there's life, there's hope!

So today I just wanna be thankful for life but also technology. After about 7years I took a trip to my hometown to celebrate Christmas with them and believe me what I came in contact with most times there I'm now thanking God for tech should too.


traditional gas cooker.

Alot of things weren't going right lol. We had to get both bathing and drinking(indeed God still protects 😂😂) water from the stream. I learnt there are two phases of the stream. 1, where the water is rushing out from is where they drink and where it settles is where you use to bath. But in my mind they all coming from the ground right? it's ain't treated!! But you turn around and look at them all healthy and kicking and you like wow!, thank the heavens.

The next thing that caught my attention was the mood of cooking. Don't get me wrong, roasted meat still remains my favorite but when you wanna get hot water for coffee, for bathing, and for making food too you have to go to the fireplace, Meeehn whatever happened to gas cooker and oven lol.


insect friendly bulb... No light no heat lol

Ow talk of light!! Well their distribution is different from the urban areas. If you have light it could run for atleast 56hours but once it's taken you are STUCKED with lantern and charcoal iron box(for ironing) mehn and for the 3days I was there I felt like playing with naked wire cos what doesn't scares you can't kill you right?? Lol. I just sat there wondering all the things I could do with light, but here I was STUCKED!! Anywhere it's just 3days outta 365 right??


preserving maize for the new planting season

Alot of things didn't seem right but sofar the locals enjoy themselves that's what mattered. We were served with different local dishes we couldn't get it's first hand value in the city. Oh I enjoyed the swimming part... Did I say swimming? Sorry swallowing water and gasping for air lol. Christmas in the village was fun no doubt. My mind was refreshed on stuffs I was thought in high school. The method of food preservation they use over there is basically drying. So they end up drying almost all of their ingredients, not good right?? You still need your tomatoes fresh and milk shakes cool.


no pineapple nor cream but I still enjoyed it

So here I am back from my Xmas trip. Reminiscing everything that happened and how I had to give up on some stuffs so I could fit in and enjoy my 3day trip. It wasn't easy but was fulfilling on the other end anyway. So this is me thanking God for technology, for engineering, for medicine, for science, even the art world are now using scientific means to get the best out of their arts.

Well today is the end of 2018, I know some are eagerly anticipating the new year just like I am. So just before the new year, I want to wish you all the good things in life and for you to have a great year in 2019. How did you spend your own Christmas holidays?

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