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Last year I was too late to post my Phill from GCHQ-postcard before Christmas, and I only just made it before New Years Eve. (Phill from GCHQ is my web-comic - read it if you haven't)

So this year, though very busy, I have worked all day to bring you the inking. Tomorrow I will colourise it.

As people who follows the comic will notice - the scene in this years postcard is very much connected to the events on the last published page where Gwendolyn Knight, the self appointed high priestess of a small celtic cult, hits on the protaginist, Phill, in a not very subtle way. But I suppose the joke on the postcard can be understood even for people who have not read the comics.

Today's job. The inking of the Phill from GCHQ-Christmas card

The card is inspired by old horror-comics like the one below. I am not that much of a nostalic, but even though the quality of these old magazines was lacking, and the content never was what you call good taste - I still like the crazy imagination, the heroic attempt at making expressionist effects, and the shear will to sleaze. Just like I like punk music.

This page is from the free and legal scan-site Comic Book Plus

Tomorrow I will colorize it. I have already made a lot of experiments trying to get close to the rough halftone style of the old horror comics, but we'll see what I go for tomorrow. Right now I am too tired to do more.

Have a nice Winter solstice or as we say here in Denmark: Glædelig Jul!


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But now the Bitcoin is tumbling down things may change again... who knows.