Boys Best Friend - Merry Christmas Everyone!

in #christmas6 years ago (edited)

I took this shot to enter into the photo contest put on by @cryptoctopus. I missed the deadline though so I’ll just post it here on my blog.

I’m here at my wife’s extended family’s farm here in Mutual Ohio. Some of the cousins went out for a sunset walk and it was painfully cold and windy. I got this shot quick then quickly put my camera away to warm up my hands.

My wish to other steemers is for good communication with family members over the holidays. I’ve been blessed with an awesome family and in laws, but I always here about people dreading going home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas y’all!



Sweeeet pic! So majestic.

You too!

wow beautiful picture! Merry Christmas!

Thanks, you too!

Great shot @jrue Beautiful lighting and composition!

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I just started following you, because of this picture. It is almost like photo journalism to me. I really like the composition of the frame, the posture and the colors. It really gives me a feeling of the moment. Very naturalistic but still composed. Great job there!

Wonderful photo! Captures that special relationship perfectly!

you have a beautiful friend - a dog! What's his name?

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