The light of Christmas

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Race season, thunderous time. The Christmas.
Another Christmas came and looking around I look for the light that emanates from this event and I don't find it.
I wonder: where are the colors? I can only see the indifference which, even at this time, persists among us and is fulfilled in an infinity of sorrows and tears.
I'm searching, incessantly, for the light of Christmas that's so caught up in unbridled purchases and consumerism that I can't follow  it.
I try, deeply, and in the chance I'm found by a small trace that comes to me and binds me to intensely longer lasting things. And I can see the children's bright eyes, the grandparents easy laughter, the brothers warm embraces, and their outstretched hands to the needy.
The Christmas truth needs to be sought as a treasure, because unfortunately among so many individualities and egos, it's lost.
Christmas needs to return to hope, charity, love and complicity, and gradually become a life with reason to be propagated, for that is what it is.
Christmas is synonymous with true beauty, eternal creation, kindness, joy, humanity.
As human beings it is our duty to carry the lights of Christmas all the  days of our lives, because they are transformed and enriched, and the  steps become easier even in the midst of an ocean of tears and which in  the end is constituted in their true meaning, life.
Christmas, light on the roads. Christmas, found life. 

Author: Daiany Nascimento 

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