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To ALL those who celebrate Christmas, and NOT afraid, intimidated or embarrassed to display their fondness for the holiday, I wish you peace and happiness.



I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I think most of my Christmas was spent shivering even when I was standing next to the fireplace its been so unusually cold here. I've even been wearing a hoodie to bed.

Sorry to hear about your shivering in the cold Mike; it has been fairly mild lately here in the northeast. I've had past winters though when my heat source was either poor or non at all, so I fully understand.

Here's a wish to the Sun God of the great beyond for a much warmer New Year celebration coming your way :~)

Your wish was granted. New Years was definitely warmer and more comfortable.

And a Merry Christmas to you too. We better celebrate it while we still can before it's deemed racist and banned:)

Thank you, and I too share those sentiments mentioned in your comment; another reason to feel good about liking you :~) besides admiring your style of writing.

MERRY CHRISTMAS @deirdyweirdy

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