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in christmas •  2 years ago  (edited)

For me it’s funny that all the cashiers sit down on chairs here in Germany.

For me this was the biggest culture shock for me as a Japanese person.

However, coming to Berlin I was already farmiliar with it, as I have lived in England for a while.

I know it sounds strange, but everytime I go to the supermarket it’s weird for me to see them sitting down, as in Japan it’s impolite to sit while serving customers. Everyone stands all day if they work in a shop.

Another thing that shocked me was that there is a conveyer-belt and we have to take everything out and put it on the conveyer.

In Japan we don’t have a conveyer just a metal slidy area.

It’s also weird that you have to pay and pack at the same time, If you’re not done in time then the cashier moves on to the next customer. I kinda don’t like that system because I have to rush.

When I fishin going through all that trouble I feel like I’ve just come out of a war.

How about you? Have you had this experience before? Do you think cashiers shoulld stand or sit?

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" I kinda don’t like that system because I have to rush."
That is the whole point of it. The store doesn't want people to spend a lot of time packing and paying, its optimized for "more customers in less time".
And i also think people want to spend as little time as possible in stores, because that is boring, wasted time.

That's true! However, I feel that the long conveyer-belts are made to have long queues. In Japan we pack our bags in a sseparate area so it's also fast. But a bit less stressful :)

I'm also not used to cashiers sitting behind registers here in Singapore as well. When i visited France i recall them standing up as well. Do all cashiers sit down in Germany stores?
But it still gives me the sense of a customer service counter in this case, where the receptionist sits on a pretty high chair.

Nice! I want to visit Singapore! Yeah they all sit.