Satirically Yours: Crazy Eddie's Crypto Christmas sale live right now!!!!

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Are you into crypto? Do like buying crypto? Do you like black Friday deals just 3 days before Christmas? Then this is your special buying opportunity. Just look at all the sales going on right now!!! You can see our full discount crypto list at

Want some btc? It's 22.5% off!

Want some kittenereum? it's 24% off!!!

Discount prices like these won't last long. So, consider buying some crypto for friends as a Christmas present.

Even Santa's looking in to buying some now!


So true. Give away as much as you want at this price.

If anyone wants to be my new friends and give me cryptos for xmas, I like Steem, litecoin, BAT (Im verified) and hugs. I like hugs.

Thanks Santa.

lol. we all want cryptos for christmas

and we all should get them.

thanks for upvote

Lolz, that is the best take I have heard, and we all sit back and watch these highs and lows and laugh because we know over time the average is always up.

If I had money, this would be me.

Love that gif.

It really is a great gif.

but you haven't so this would be whales.

I have no money sadly which is why I haven't bought any new coins :(

That's fantastic!

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Black Friday Special - Buy one get one free. Awe-mazing!

Hahaha this is hilarious 😆 But yes, in all seriousness this is definitely a wonderful opportunity to buy the dip in lots of different cryptos!


Good time to buy in if you can :)

It is to make and save some money @aggroed

You’re killin me! 😂 Exactly what I said to the Mr. last night! Too funny

It's a beautiful christmas I see with plenty crypto gifts. Buy 1 & get 1 free.....Black Friday

I have no money sadly which is why I haven't bought any new coins ..

You have $0.01 now that's a start ;>)

Right now only buying them can save them from massive decline. buying creates demand and demand raises the price, in return the bitcoin can be saved. Atleast the price can be stabilized so that the people don't loose their money and loose trust in cryptocurrency.

Wow, if you love me send me steem

Wow.... Good post

That’s a rough correction for sure

Does anyone think this panic selling may lead to a snowball effect and we will have a few days with large declines? I think I may wait to see what the "New Year sale" looks like! 😀

Yeah, let's all make some money🤑🤑🤑 thanks @aggroed

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Can I return it for a full refund if I am not happy with it?

yes, just wait like a week first.

I am hearing it is very hard to fill orders at the moment on the exchanges.

Yeah it's taking long, we did a transaction with a 30usd off until now nothing has been comfirmed.

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Wish you a very beautiful time ahead my friend, marry christmas.

Awesome sale!
Unfortunately there is nothing left to invest.
Otherwise I would have taken this bargains!

I feel bad for the new people who bought into bitcoin around 20k, and now they are panicking and selling. People have weak hands in cryptocurrency, there need to be stronger hands. Don't get scared if you're new.

Thanks for letting us know! Merry Christmas to you and yours😊😊🎄🎄

Shit... You made me LOL hard sir...

I could have been like this if I was not poor :D @aggroed

You sell btc and this is very good because bitcoin is a digital currency. Now, many people talk about botakane online now, with big talk people are currently using Bitcoin bitcoin as a great tool for online trading so this plan is very good

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Sale is over ,stock ends.

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Right on. Crypto gift cards will be a top item purchased next year in my opinion, especially if the volatility keeps up, as it shows no stop anytime soon. Give it a few months to be developed, they will certainly take off when ready.

awesome sauce santa!

Haha thats great gif!

I thought you meant this Crazy Eddie

Note this company is no longer around, you can tell by the old stero's

i hope this sale is over after christmas.......everything is looking red...

Hahaha. Black Friday came late, Christmas came early.

I just made a post which relates to this check it out guys

You got it right man!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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