Decorated Tree - My entry for the CHRISTMAS-STEEM PHOTO CONTEST 2018 by @flamingirl

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This is my entry for the "Christmas-Steem Photo Contest" by @flamingirl.
The first picture is a from a horizontal pictured that I cropped and the second was taken like that.
This is a tree that was decorated for Christmas by a school. I'm surprised that someone took on this task and managed to do it. The tree is tall. I like the star made out of lights they put on the top.
My apologies if you find the picture blurry, I was taking it with my phone's camera.

@flamingirl, I do not have a picture of this with a paper as proof that this is an original picture that I took (because I took it before I knew about the contest), however, I do have the same picture in another filter (night), and one that is horizontal.

In night filter.

and horizontal. (This is the picture I cropped to get the one at the top.)

I hope this is enough proof. I promise, I did not steal someone else's photography. I doubt I will win, but it looks nice and I wanted to share it
Thank you for reading. Here is the link for the contest: Christmas-Steem Photo Contest 2018

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