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Thinking of Christine Assange On Mothers Day

Screenshot-2018-5-12 Mrs Christine Assange on Twitter #MothersDay this Sunday We mother's will not be put in some gift box [...].png

At the time of writing in twelve hours, it will be Mother’s Day in Australia. As with every other celebration on the Western calendar, Mother’s Day stirs the cynic that is never far beneath the surface of my psyche.

Mother’s Day, like Christmas Day, Easter, Valentine's Day and other assorted festive occasions have been distorted and shaped into another guilt driven urge to buy unneeded stuff to show gratitude/love on a “special day.” The syrupy feel-good messages that assault my senses in the build-up to the day have lost their impact long ago and the hypocrisy that lies beneath much of the public media driven celebration of the day sours my view of the day,

That isn’t my mother’s fault. It isn’t yours either. But the endless advertising usually makes me want to just ignore the day totally. As with many bastardised traditions, the commercialisation of the day has spoiled and fouled it.

Not this year.

This year I’ve come to really appreciate what mother’s day is meant to be, no thanks to mainstream media. This year, I have been privileged to meet some incredible people. They all have their stories to tell and cross to bear. They all are remarkably humble, driven, compassionate, brave and resilient. They all deserve their own story and accolades. Some are mothers who do these great things as well as being a mother and I’m sure that they deserve every ounce of love and respect that their family showers upon them tomorrow.

However, none of them epitomises what a mother’s love means ore then Christine Assange.

The strength and single-minded sense of purpose of this woman is quite frankly, superhuman. There is no doubt in my mind, that that strength comes from the power of a mother’s love for her son.

Consider for a moment the stark reality of Christine’s current situation. Her son is in mortal danger as detailed in chilling detail by Suzie Dawson in her seminal piece Being Julian Assange. Lined up against him are the forces of the Western Intelligence Network (CIA, FBI, MI6, Mossad, ASIO and the rest), the mainstream media (a lazy bunch of government stenographers) and the constant slow drip of misinformation, smear and innuendo cultivated by these two incestuous beasts.

She has nothing, other than love for her son, the truth and her voice.

Every day she cries for justice and every day she is ignored by the ignorant, ridiculed by the stupid and attacked by the guilty.

To read her Twitter account is to catch a glimpse of the anguish, hurt and pain that she suffers every day.

Screenshot-2018-5-12 Mrs Christine Assange on Twitter Look what theyve done to my son 'Getting Julian Assange The Untold St[...].png
There is no fanfare, no appearance on prime time TV, no awards. There is nothing – just an endless soul-destroying fight for truth and an end to the persecution and harassment of her son. She isn’t asking for much at all really and yet she is asking for everything. She fights with every breath, as, I suspect, all mothers would.

But, all mothers aren’t in Christine’s situation. Their love won’t be tested like hers is. Tomorrow they will be feted by their families. They will receive flowers. Meals will be shared and gifts will be given. They will be told that they are appreciated and loved as they deserve to be.

Their love cannot be measured.

Nor can Christine’s.

Spare a moment and think of her tomorrow as she continues the endless fight for justice.

Happy Mothers Day Christine.

It’s time we brought Julian home.

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It is such a compelling story that all Australians would want to know about, that's why I'm sure 60 minutes, Sunday Night and A Current Affair will expose this inhumane injustice... okay okay stop laughing. What about The Project ? Okay, so there is more chance of headlining with Mike Moore on Frontline. But the more frightening ones are Four Corners and Dateline. Oh how the ABC and SBS have fallen. They have fallen so very very far.


The ABC - Sally Neighbor's removed tweet and Michael 's Gold medal to Ecuador say it all

Karena perjuangan tak ada habisnya dalam dunia ini Useful post @zuhrafriska

"However, none of them epitomises what a mother’s love means ore then Christine Assange."

She can still go see her son, talk to him on the phone, what you wrote is incredibly insulting to every mother who has lost a son/daughter to death or prison fighting the good fights.


No-she can't. He is isolated from the outside world


Then how did Pamela Anderson get in to see him?


You're behind the times. Ecuador have cut all contact. All contact. YOu might like to get up to speed by reading this.


I didn't know they cut all contact, I thought they had just cut his internet.