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Before the day is over,I just have to tell my fellow steemians why this year's ash Wednesday was a bit more special than the rest.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent.
Lent is a period of sober reflection for 40 days to commemorate the victory of life over death and redemption from sin.

By this I mean,it's a period which Christians all over recall the solemn period before Jesus Christ started his journey to save mankind through his death on the cross.

The three pillars of lent are prayer,fasting and sacrifice.

Today in Church,the preacher told us no one is going to be touched with ash.We should rather reflect inward and try to make adjustments because "from dust we came and to dust shall we return".

After that,being a bag maker.
I stumbled on an ash woolen piece of material and I recalled there was a bag I needed to cover.

The bag peeled off and the hands cut off so I literally transformed the bag.

I guess you have to turn on your screen rotation or slant your phone to view this












Each number represents a step.

This bag is the most special thing about today to me because she is ash,she was born on ash Wednesday and her buyer bought her today.

If you are interested in learning how to make bags or you need me to make for you, feel free to indicate.

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