Christianity | Life is a desert

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I just wrote this in my blog after chruch. I converted the text to audio using and uploaded it to youtube.

Life is a desert

by Udochi Okeke (c) May 27, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Life is a desert

We are sojourners

Nothing, but treacherous sands and wind and heat and death all around

Enemies wait to devour us at every turn

But we press on

The mission is set and persists until we leave the desert

For every expansive desert there are oases

These respites stand in unpredictable places and give us a moment of rest

We must not delay in the oasis

We must not pitch a tent in the oasis, for it could become a prison

We must continue the journey

For the Christian, life is a desert

We are sojourners

Rest only comes when praising our Lord and breaking bread with His children

We are on mission

Our mission never ends

In the desert

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