Everything Has A Price

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Hello everyone, I am trying to get out of this sorrowful mood, it's been a week now someone so close to me died. Let's put that aside for another and let talk about this topic.

Everything has a price it is just what you are willing to pay for it. Even human has a price. Most people would say nothing can buy me or some word say even if you give me 1billion dollars I won't do what you want me to do. Yeah, 1 billion USD might not buy you but some can. For instance, makes people love ice cream, if you want them to do something for you bring out your ice cream arsenal and they are all yours.

We all have something that can drive us to what we can't do normally, most times it is love. Love is a very powerful price that when someone is bought with it, the person's reasoning is on reverse. People tag money as the only way you can be bought but it is not. Another is promise, most guys promise the girls their kidney even their moms eyes just to lay with a girl and she would agree, that is just a completed deal.

We all have a price tag on us, you just have to find out what it is so you won't be used and taken for granted.
Like I said before it doesn't mean it is money that you can be bought with it can be love, loyalty, trust, promise, candy, ice cream, video games etc even religion. Let your head always be at alert so you won't me sold and used.
Everything has a price, something cost what money can't buy me.

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