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Humanity Humanity Humanity
Does humanity realize it sits in vanity?
And that it is being clothed with lassitude for divinity?

A long time ago a man was creating,
He did this with all sincerity,
Making sure all things were in like a deposit,
With all distinctive forms of clarity,
And those he tagged humanity.

Humanity was to live in a world he built
A world where peace and joy was a routine event,
Free from all forms of mischievous thought,
All this and many more were the Lord’s purpose that we lost.

Humanity messed up the carefully mixed palette,
It became a world where the feelings of others were not felt,
Where what pleases the Lord doesn’t please our heart,
Youthful resolutions rebounded round carnality,
You see the world became wrong and humanity’s purpose was lost.

Hell is a reality,
Does humanity consider the torment?
Do you consider the Locust?
Do you consider the soul that through fire will be burnt?
Do you consider the flames of ashes that won't be lost?

Heaven and hell are both realities,
Heaven is a place meant for us,
And hell was not meant for us,
But with sin, this could be a false juxtapose.


Let us think of ETERNITY,
Let us dwell more on heavenly gaiety,
Let it take up our focusity,
Because it will be awesome to see you, to see me there.

Happy Sunday


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